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Short-term self-storage is the go-to solution for those looking for a way to declutter their house or workspace for just a few weeks.

How can short-term storage benefit you and your life? Well, here are twelve of the top reasons for when and why you might need to opt for self-storage. And of course, you can always take your things back out again whenever suits you best.

1.    Putting your house on the market

Looking to sell your house? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but it’s nigh on impossible to sell a home and move straight to another. What is crucial here is to sell your house whenever you have the proper chance without fearing having no place to shift all the furniture and belongings. Short-term storage will allow you not to lose any deal that could be called off by not having your new house ready. Just place everything in a self-storage unit until your new purchase is made!

2.    Moving house

Moving day never goes according to plan, it’s a fact. Unless you are moving to a newly built house, consider taking with you only the basics for your first days while moving the remainders into your storage unit. Why is that? Moving into a previously habited house will make you want to give a thorough clean before being installed, and cleaning and fitting more oversized items will be easier if you don’t have hundreds of boxes and containers in the way.

3.    While performing renovations

Home Renovations such as painting or waxing wooden floors are a fiddly business. The last thing you want is splashing paint into your cabinets or lamps, having them submerged in dust or worse, breaking them in the chaos.

4.    Stowing away sports equipment

Is your favourite sport very demanding in terms of gear? Sports like golf, kayaking or skiing require space to store all of the equipment, and that may not be readily available at your place. An easy way to make it simple for everyone in your home is to store them in a self-storage unit. This way, you can have it out of the way in the off-season, and if so you wish, you can leave it there year-round and only add a small stop on your way to the nearest beach or golf course.

5.    Storing garden furniture and tools

If left outdoors during winter, your garden furniture will likely need a lot of work before you can actually use it in springtime. You may also be concerned about having your tools in your shed during the colder winter months. Tools and furniture can and should all be kept dry, safe and clean in a self-storage space over winter in a spotless condition, ready for next spring.

6.    Putting away camping equipment

Camping is another activity that requires large amounts of equipment – from the tent itself to cooking gear, sleeping bags, tables and chairs, and so much more – which all together can take out a whole corner of your garage. What’s more is that you often end up using it one to two weeks a year before they’re back to stealing all your space. Keep all that gear at your own storage unit, saving your house’s storage and keeping it still at hand for when summer vacation comes around.

7.    Stashing hobby gear

Are you a hobby enthusiast? Whether your hobby is knitting, wood crafting, sewing, card collecting or others, you probably have more paraphernalia than you use at any given moment – or at least more than you admit to your other half. It’s time to keep your excess items safe in one of our storage lockers or even larger storage rooms, depending on the type and extent of your hobbies.

8.    Storing student belongings

If you’re currently studying far from home and your lease only contemplates the school year, then you know the hassle of having to pack everything up for the summer holidays just to unpack them once you get home! And then pack everything again when the holidays are up. Why not simplify all this process and find a student storage solution close to your school or university to place all your books and winter clothing for the short term?

9.  Clearing up the spare room

Spare rooms are a double-edged sword. For one, they are tremendously useful for guests, but on the other hand, they act as a dumping ground or a makeshift room for exercise or work. In the end, it amounts to a clumsy mix of bedroom items and whatever else you put inside. If, however, the makeshift office or gym is more valuable for your needs than the bedroom itself, maybe you should move those drawers and bed into a short-term storage solution and make the most of your space!

10.  Life changes

Divorce, grief or moving in with your partner are a few examples of times when you may find that you have more possessions than enough available space to store them. Likewise, these are times when long-term decisions are not the wisest because you’re trying to find your feet after a major change. Short-term storage is a wise solution for storing all of your belongings safe without risking throwing away belongings you’ll need again later.

12.   Start-up business inventory

Growing businesses inevitably (and fortunately) outgrow the garage or room where they were started. When you get to that point where storing stock or equipment is making your home’s living space impracticable, is when you should move everything to a self-storage unit. At U Store It, we know how expensive business real estate can be and encourage growing companies to consider self-storage as an affordable short-term solution for your business until you’re certain to move to your first permanent brick-and-mortar location with the appropriate security system.

No matter the reason that brought you here, if you’re on the look for the perfect storage supplier, get in touch with U Store It and get to know our self-storage solutions that can make your life so much easier!