Storing Stock

If you have a business base but you don’t have a lot of storage space, U Store It is the ideal solution to help manage your stock levels.

You can change your unit size at any time to suit your requirements. Access is 24/7 so you can drop in to your unit any time and pick up what you need and we have pallet trucks and trolleys available for your use.

  • Excess Stock?
  • Seasonal Orders?
  • Promotional Stock?
  • Delivery Address?
  • Online Retailer?

If you don’t have a company base but simply receive deliveries and then ship to your customers, use your storage unit in U Store It as your place of business where we can receive deliveries for you.

You have a big order coming in for your biggest customer but they’re not ready to take delivery yet – where are you going to safely store the shipment in the interim? In U Store It!

The way you store your stock will determine how much space you need. Start with a layout plan of your storage unit.


How you stack your stock will determine how much you will be able to fit in your storage unit. You should always stack the heaviest items that will not be needed at the bottom and back of your unit. Use racking that can be adjusted in height to match your various box sizes, you can use the top shelf for lighter or smaller items, this way you will utilise the cubic capacity of the storage unit while still having easy all to all your stock.


Depending on the nature of your business you may need to access some stock on a daily basis while other stock will only need occasional access, if this is the case then use the back of your storage unit for occasional stock while keeping the front of the unit for frequently accessed stock.

Location System

If you are using a large storage unit for stock and if you hold a large quantity of different products then create a location/numbering system for each shelf. By using this system you will know exactly where each product is located within your storage unit and this will save you a lot of time when picking a sales order.

Customer Feedback

“Been dealing with the guys @ U store for 2 years now and right from the start i have received a friendly (first name basis), very helpful support and supportive service! i travel a lot and have boxes delivered or needing pick up – not a problem to these guys, i get a call letting me know what has been delivered and that it is safe in my lock up or in the hold unit, again working great to help me remain on top of things and efficient. Friendly ,supportive and a great service, i recommend this place to anyone looking to store personal belongings or business stock/inventory etc. , it will be respected absolutely safe and supported.”

Damien Guiden
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