Student/Luggage Storage

Being a student isn’t easy. Balancing Classes, Revision, Exams, Schedules, Jobs, Clubs, Gym, Organizations, is a lot to handle. No doubt, life as a College Student, is hectic! Not only on your day to day planner, but also in your small room or apartment. When sharing space starts to feel that little too cramped, then it’s time to check out Student Storage at U Store It.

Booking a small storage area will help you keep your belongings close without cluttering up your precious space.

Even though lugging bulky and heavy kit from one place to another isn’t exactly a dream come true, it’s also something that many students go through at the beginning and end of the academic year, but it doesn’t have to be that hard, though. You just need to use U Store It!

Self-storage is the best way to keep your belongings safe while you’re gone and to travel light.

So, if you need a place to store your items over the summer, U Store It offer you a range of safe, easy, flexible and affordable storage solutions. When it comes to the size of our storage facilities, we can provide a wide range of unit sizes that are available for both long and short-term leases. What’s more, we even got your back for as little as one week!

In order to skip all the stress of carrying your books, furniture, and clothes with you back and forth every time, choose us. Choose U Store It and we’ll keep your stuff safe and sound.

Luggage Storage

If you’re visiting Ireland for leisure or business or even sightseeing in Dublin for the day before heading off on holiday and don’t want to lug your suitcases around the country, U Store It can safely store them on a short-term storage basis.

Low price, convenient locations

U Store It can save you a considerable amount of money on your luggage storage in Dublin and elsewhere in the island of Ireland.

With 7 secure facilities across the country all within easy reach of the major railway stations and airports, and prices starting at just €9 ex vat for the whole room/locker for the entire week, how could you go wrong?

Customer Feedback

“Ustoreit is an amazing company. Had my things stored in their student locker space for up to 8 months; They offered great services and the staff are great help especially Emma. I would recommend this company if you’re looking for trustworthy safe hands.”

Deborah K
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