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For many people, having a hobby isn’t just a slight interest to pass a few hours of spare time, it is all-consuming. Not only does it take up every second of spare time, but it can also take up every square foot of spare space!

Whether you’re into sports or model railways, for the enthusiast and collector, space is one of the biggest challenges they face. Of course, one solution is to move to a bigger house or build a larger shed.

But these are big steps. Moving house for the sake of a hobby is a bit extreme! And not everyone has the luxury of enough space for a shed, also sheds are far from being secure.

A great option that can fulfil the needs of even the most enthusiastic hobbyist is a self-storage unit. This guide tells you everything you need to know about using self-storage to help declutter your home and get even greater pleasure from your hobby.

At U Store It, our storage solutions tick all the above boxes, meaning we can provide the perfect storage unit, whatever your hobby.

What hobbies can benefit from a self-storage unit?

There is no limit to the type of hobby that self-storage can help with. Basically, as soon as your hobby begins to encroach on the comfort of your living space, then a self-storage unit can step in and take the pain.

For some hobbyists, the need for self-storage will be seasonal. For instance, gardeners may want somewhere to store lawn mowers and tools during the winter. Whereas winter sports enthusiasts will be looking for summer storage. Others may require storage the whole year-round.

Whatever the case, there is a self-storage solution to suit.

Below are just a few examples of how self-storage can help the hobbyist:

  • Fishing – Most people who like fishing will normally build up large collections of tackle. Maybe fly rods and gear for the summer months and coarse and sea-fishing for the winter months. All those rods, reels, nets, jackets, fly and float collections, wires, and much more, can soon begin to fill every nook and cranny of a home. Self-storage can provide the space and racking to allow ardent anglers to safely store and organise all their kit.
  • Crafts – If you are into arts and crafts, then you will likely have built up a large collection of all kinds of stuff. Paints, materials, pens, crayons, brushes, paper & cards, glues, the list is endless. Using a self-storage unit allows you the freedom to organise all your gear exactly as you want. And because the units are clean and dry, all your valuable materials will be stored in ideal conditions.
  • Mountain Biking and Cycling – Cyclists can spend thousands on their bikes and generally will build up a collection of bikes over time. These are not just expensive items, but bulky too! This becomes an even larger problem when multiple members of the same family are keen cyclists. A self-storage unit allows all the space you will ever need to store your valuable bikes in a clean, dry and secure environment. This is perfect both as a seasonal solution or permanently when your bike collection has outgrown your home!
  • Camping – The irony about all the outdoor gear involved in camping is that it doesn’t benefit from being stored in cold and damp conditions. A self-storage unit allows you all the space you need to keep your tents aired and all that valuable camping kit safe, dry and clean right through the off-season.
  • Collectors – Some collectors may be lucky enough to get away with holding entire collections in a few stamp albums, for instance. For others, the collections may be somewhat larger. Self-storage units provide the perfect solution to help you keep enjoying your hobby without cramming valuable items into every inch of spare space in your home.

Top benefits of self-storage for the hobbyist

The list of benefits that self-storage units provide for the hobbyist is huge. Here are just a few of the top benefits:

  1. Security – Hobbies can be expensive. Whatever your hobby is, chances are you have spent a lot of money collecting the necessary equipment and materials. Self-storage has multi-layers of security, including CCTV, Keypad access, using your own locks on your unit, and alarm systems.
  2. Keeps your gear in pristine condition – Self-storage units are clean, dry, and well maintained. This means that your gear is always kept in prime condition.
  3. It’s cost-effective – With units starting from a few Euros per week, this is a storage option that doesn’t cost the earth.
  4. It’s scalable – Need more or less space, no problem, self-storage can be scaled to suit your needs.
  5. Seasonal Solution – Self-storage can be rented on a seasonal basis, so if you need to store gear away over the winter or summer only, that can be arranged
  6. Keeps your home organised – Last but not least is the amount of free space it frees up in your home. Even the largest home can soon become a cluttered mess once a hobby starts to take over. Self-storage gives you your home back without compromising on your hobby.

Summing up

For the enthusiastic hobbyist, the amount of gear required can soon outgrow their living space. A Self-storage unit is a versatile option that allows you to free up all that valuable space and doesn’t cost the earth to do so.

At U Store It, we have branches throughout the country and can offer various size units to suit all needs. Backed by our excellent customer support, we can provide the perfect unit to help you keep enjoying your hobby.

Why not contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your storage needs.