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As any outdoor enthusiast can testify to, one of the ironic things about outdoor gear is that it needs to be securely stored indoors when it isn’t in use. Unfortunately, unless you have loads of space, this usually means that all that valuable gear is scattered around the house, crammed into cupboards or in awkward attic spaces, or squeezed under the beds and generally making a nuisance of itself.

Here at U Store It, we help outdoor enthusiasts by freeing up their indoor space so that they can pursue their outdoor activities without all the hassle of wondering where the kayak paddle is.

So, to help ensure you are never left up the creek without a paddle, we have put together a list of our top storage tips for outdoor gear.

Prune your gear

You may have fond memories of that old mountain bike that now takes up room in the garden shed, but how often have you used it since you splashed out on the updated model? The same goes for surfboards and snowboards, skis, camping equipment, fishing gear, etc. The problem is that a lot of outdoor gear is bulky, and we outdoor enthusiasts love nothing better than upgrading to the latest model.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it is time to make a list and consider just how useful that old snowboard actually is. Chances are there is a lot of gear that you can move on. Donating or selling old gear is a great way to free up room.

Consider self-storage as an option

Outdoor equipment isn’t cheap. It is not unusual for people to have thousands of euros worth of outdoor gear crammed into every nook and cranny of their homes. Considering the cost of the equipment, using self-storage to store it in a secure environment is an extremely cost-effective way to protect your investment. This also ensures that preparing for your next adventure doesn’t involve the hassle of wondering what particular nook your second ski boot is stored in.

Maintenance is key

Despite being designed for the great outdoors, most outdoor equipment will benefit from a little love and attention to make sure it is in tip-top condition when you need it. There is nothing worse than arriving on location to find that your tent is suffering from mildew and vital components have perished.

Especially if your gear is stored in humid or damp conditions, evaluating its condition from time to time and removing any build-ups of grime, mould, and dust means your gear is ready when you are. This is particularly important if your gear isn’t stored somewhere dry like a self storage unit.

Optimise and organise

If you use your available space to maximise its efficiency, it is surprising just how much gear you can store in smaller spaces. Floor space is always at a premium, so look to expand your space upwards and utilise vertical surfaces as well.

Ceiling mounts for bikes and vertical storage for kayaks, skis, and other larger items all make a huge difference to the amount of available storage you have left. For smaller items, consider adding more shelf space and pegboards. Also, stackable bins are a great way of organising your kit whilst minimising the space it ties up.

Whether your storage space is at home or in a self-storage unit, you always want to make sure that whatever gear you use most regularly is easily accessible. Finding out that your skis are tucked away under a summer’s worth of discarded gear can put a dampener on that first winter snow.

The convenience of self-storage

At U Store It, we are committed to making sure your outdoor adventures start with the convenience of knowing your gear is readily accessible and in perfect condition whenever you hear the call of the wild.

Wherever you are, we have storage facilities located across the country to make sure you maximise the time spent in the great outdoors and minimise the time spent scratching your head and wondering where you last saw your favourite rucksack.