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Most of us have too many things cluttering up our living space. We seem to be able to gather stuff around us with ease, unfortunately, the same rule doesn’t apply when it comes to discarding items that are no longer useful or meaningful to us.

The problem is that the warning signs are often ignored or misinterpreted. Below is a list of signs to watch out for that indicate you have too much clutter in your life.

You feel stressed in your living space

High-stress levels about the amount of clutter that surrounds you in your living space are the number one indicator that it is time to roll up your sleeves and start having a clear-out.

Thinking about getting round to this is the worse part. Once you get started, many people find the process quite therapeutic, and the reduction in stress levels is almost immediate. Getting started promotes a feeling that you are regaining some sort of control of your life.

Start simply, go through some old clothing, maybe flares will come back in fashion, maybe they won’t, but it is worth hanging onto clothes that have lain in a wardrobe for ten years?

Donating old clothing and items like books to charity shops and worthy causes is a great way to start the clear-out process.

“I’ll need that later”

We are all guilty of this one, telling yourself that something will come in handy in the future is one of the top reasons we tend to hang onto stuff for too long. The end result of this thought process is we end up with drawers and cupboards stuffed full of items that have been kept on the vague premise that they may be useful one day.

It is easy to apply a simple rule to these items when considering what should stay and what should go. Simply ask yourself for how long it has been lain forgotten at the bottom of the wardrobe and whether you can foresee any future circumstances where it might prove useful.

Chances are a large percentage of this stuff can go.

You don’t know where to start decluttering

This is one of the most obvious signs, not knowing how or where to start with the decluttering process is a sure sign that you have accumulated too much stuff. Small steps are the key here if you feel overwhelmed, but the scale of the task just adds to the stress levels.

Put a little time aside on a daily or weekly basis, and before you know it the mountain is the size of a molehill, and your space is your own again. Start small, maybe a drawer or a smaller cupboard, and you will soon be on top of things.

You regularly misplace or lose items

If you find yourself spending too much time hunting for basic items like keys, purses, wallets, or glasses, then there is a good chance that too much clutter is at the heart of the problem.

Using this as an opportunity to begin the decluttering process is a great way to start the process. Set aside an area for regularly used and commonly lost items and declutter it as a safe space for keys etc., and it may just provide the impetus you need to give your whole home a spring clean.

Your children have too many toys

Clutter isn’t restricted to adults. Kids can build up large collections of toys over the years, and while it is always nice to spoil our children, too many toys can have a detrimental effect on them too!

Paring down their collection of toys can stop them from feeling overwhelmed with indecision when they are selecting the right toy for their next playtime adventure. This can help promote their ability to focus and help improve their attention span.

Drawers and cupboards are crammed beyond capacity

Once again, this might appear as an obvious pointer to the fact that you have too much stuff. Instead, many people consider it a pointer that they have too little storage space and end up adding more stuff to store items they don’t need. This can become a vicious circle.

The next time you have to squeeze a drawer or cupboard shut, don’t rush out and buy more storage. Instead, have a look at the items in the drawer or cupboard. In most cases, much of this will just be unnecessary clutter that can be disposed of without too much thought.

You are overwhelmed by the thought of housework

Too much stuff littering every nook and cranny of a household can make even the thought of housework a daunting experience. By clearing out unwanted items, we clear away much of the things that can add hours to the daily chores. Dusting, polishing, vacuuming, are all easier and less stressful if it is started from a decluttered state.


Sometimes when we clear our lives and our living space, hard choices have to be made. In most cases, this is mental, and once we rid ourselves of much of the clutter that surrounds us, we feel better for it.

In instances where there is real uncertainty about whether something should stay or go or if you just want some temporary storage while you finally grasp the bull by the horns and get decluttering, then here at U Store It we have a wide range of storage options available that can smooth the road to a decluttered lifestyle.