Over time, families tend to outgrow the space they live in. As a result, they end up having more stuff than space.

As families grow, the clutter grows, and you end up with that bedroom that becomes the ‘storage room’ or a garage where you have no room to move, never mind room for your car.

If you can relate to that, we recommend you learn how to live in a “less is more” manner. Once you start decluttering, not only will you have a more spacious home, but you’ll also begin to feel unburdened and free again!

The best part is that you don’t have to throw away half of your belongings to do this. A storage unit is a perfect solution for you to keep all the things that are important to you safe and, at the same time, maintain a spacious living space.

Using self-storage is a great way to declutter your home!

Decided to sell your home? Make your property more appealing to the buyer by making it clutter-free to get a quicker sale. A small storage unit is ideal for storing all the excess so that the potential buyer sees a bright, clean space when they go to view.

Get that spare bedroom back – get rid of the rubbish and box up what you want to keep, but you won’t be needing for a while and book your storage unit.

With space in your home being very valuable, there’s no need to have your Christmas decorations or the unused golf clubs and skis taking up a valuable corner all year – put them into your storage unit.

Make room for a new arrival or visitors – you have 7-day access to whatever you store, making it easy and convenient to get something you need in a hurry. With 7 conveniently located storage facilities nationwide, there is sure to be a U Store It branch near you.

Thinking of renting out a room or taking in a student – have a clear-out and put the clutter into your storage unit.

Want to convert your attic into an extra bedroom? What will you do with the collection of boxes you’ve gathered over the years that currently occupy that space? Just reserve a small storage unit with U Store It, of course!

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U Store It offer a great price and a great service. The new facility is clean and the staff are so warm. They really go above and beyond to meet your needs. The prices are perfect and allowed me the freedom and security to access my stuff 24/7. I can’t praise them enough for the amazing service I was provided. Highly recommend and will be continuing to use there services for the foreseeable future.

Justin Bjerkhoel

Enjoy the freedom of a decluttered home with U Store It!

At U Store It, we are truly dedicated to offering you a variety of storage options to keep your items safe from damage and theft. The units we offer are safe, clean, dry, accessible, and affordable.

Storing your excess items in one of our units will grant you a pleasant home atmosphere and peace of mind. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call!