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Successful businesses have a notorious ability to constantly evolve and adapt to the ever-changing world around them. More than ability, adapting has become a requirement for organisations that want to stay afloat in a sea of competitors and thrive in it. The way companies can do this is to exploit every imaginable resource strategically to leverage their competitiveness.

Creative and modern alternatives to existing problems in decision-making processes can give your business an advantage against competitors that can’t solve those same problems as efficiently.

A constant problem for businesses is their real estate and how to have enough of it without immense operation costs. The obstacle for many business owners is being stuck looking for commercial properties or warehouses when the most cost-effective solution is neither of them.

Self-storage is a great solution for businesses who are requiring extra space, not only for personal purposes. Booking a storage unit can provide your company with exactly what you need, which is affordable, easily accessible, safe and secure storage space.

To introduce you to this solution, we give you a brief look into some key benefits that come with booking a self-storage unit for your business with U Store It:

Storage Space That Can Grow with Your Business

If your business is growing, it is an excellent sign for the future, but it can simultaneously be a pain when your space can’t handle added stock or more cabinet files. This is where self-storage versatility comes into play. You can use a storage unit for these new items and, in case you are already resorting to self-storage and are out of space again, you can simply upgrade to a bigger warehouse storage unit. Whatever the case, a storage unit will come in cheaper and more useful than regular warehouse space.

Convenient and Flexible Business Storage Solutions

Regardless of the current size of your business, when you are considering booking a storage unit, you need to count on its convenience and flexibility. Whatever you need to store inside, you can count on U Store It to further boost the convenience aspect by facilitating the transport and storage of your items.

U Store It can sign for deliveries in your absence and has a dedicated collections unit so your couriers can pick up any outgoing order.

These secure services make a storage unit more convenient than a warehouse where you would have to manage it all by yourself and an excellent solution for seasonal retail businesses that have to change their stock from time to time.

Regarding how a storage unit can provide flexibility for your business, U Store It also offers monthly payment options and clear termination of contracts. This way, you aren’t tied down on lengthy terms and are free to book the storage unit for as long as you need.

And you have the flexibility to store almost anything you like except for the obvious flammable or hazardous materials or anything illegal.

Guaranteed Safety & Security

For U Store It security and safety are prised values. If the situation requires handling fragile or weather-sensitive items, you can choose to store them in climate-controlled storage units. This upgrade can be useful for various sectors of business that need their items to be kept at stable temperatures all year round.

Security is a priority here at U Store It, and all our facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line security systems. With Individually alarmed units, 24-hour security with CCTV and Personal access/entry code, you can rest assured your items are kept safe.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Warehouses

Paying close attention to costs and keeping them as low as your operations allow is key to running a successful business. A business storage unit is a cost-effective solution that provides not only a cheaper alternative to warehouses but also a better one.

Your Own Archive Room

Businesses other than retail don’t really have to deal with large amounts of stock but rather big piles of documents. Even if we’re moving to a digital future, physical copies of documents are very much a reality right now, be it for safety backups or because they are still required by certain customers or legal entities.

Confidential file storage presents the perfect solution for small businesses that are having trouble dealing with overfilled archive cabinets. You can use your new extra storage space for older files you still have to preserve but do not handle regularly. Just move them to a storage unit and have them at reach whenever you need them. Storing cabinets in a storage unit gives you the easiest of access to documents – think of it as your business’ archive room!

Temporary Storage During Business Transitions

Businesses go through various stages, ups and downs, relocations and renovations and many others. These are inevitable transitions in the growth and evolution of a company, and the most you can do is assure they don’t negatively impact your daily activity. And that is where a self-storage unit can be a reliable partner allowing your business to maintain operations throughout those transition periods.

At U Store It we have our priorities set on customer satisfaction. We will assist you in these procedures making all the necessary adjustments to provide you with readily set up units for your storage needs. You can reach out to our online team, available 24/7, to get your quotes quickly to aid in your decision-making process.

U Store It can be the perfect partner for your business and help with the growth of your company.