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Whether your business is a start-up, looking to expand, or branching out into new sectors, choosing the right storage solution is critical. This guide looks at the advantages of self-storage and why it is the hands-down winner when compared to traditional warehouse storage.

There are two main solutions to consider when looking for business storage. Businesses can either buy or lease warehouse space. Alternatively, many firms are now turning to self-storage.

Business storage has many benefits when compared to other forms of storage – Below are just a few of the main advantages that business self-storage has over warehouse space.

1.    Business Self-storage is Cost-effective

Having the right storage space for your business makes the whole operation far more efficient. But it can also be a large overhead.

In today’s business climate, with soaring inflation and rocketing costs, businesses need to cut costs wherever possible to retain profit margins. Commercial self-storage solutions offer just that!

Warehouse storage units compare favourably when looked at against similar-sized warehouses and certainly knock it out of the park when compared to buying (see number 2 for more details on this).

2.    One Flat Fee

If buying or letting warehouse storage space, the mortgage payment is merely the start. Most commercial warehouse storage solutions will also incur the following overheads:

  • Business rates
  • Amenities (water, electricity, etc.)
  • Maintenance costs
  • Building insurance

With a commercial self-storage solution, there’s a single monthly charge, and that is it!

3.    Location, Location, Location!

Having storage in the right location is also a critical factor. Warehouse storage is always available in a location that suits your business. Many businesses spend long periods looking for storage that is suitable and in a location that works for them.

At U Store It, we have commercial storage units available throughout Ireland. So, no matter where your business is based, there will be a storage facility that is perfectly situated for most businesses.

4.    No need to commit to long-term contracts

One of the huge pluses of self-storage is there is no need to commit to long-term contracts. Our Warehouse storage units are available on a monthly basis, making them perfect for businesses that have seasonal fluctuations in their storage requirements. It also makes them an ideal solution for when unforeseen circumstances arise that may need short-term storage solutions.

It also lets businesses try commercial self-storage as a short-term test to see how it works for them. This means that businesses need only pay for storage for the period they need it for and no more.

5.    Self-storage can shrink and grow to match requirements

It can be difficult for a business to predict precisely how much storage they need. A self-storage solution can grow or shrink in almost real-time to match a business’s storage needs.

Business Self-storage units come in a huge range of sizes, from 9 sq. ft, up to 400 sq. ft. This means that you can vary your storage needs as business requires. This could be on a seasonal basis or just to account for fluctuations in stock.

6.    A self-storage unit is more like a business partner!

No more hanging about for incoming deliveries or waiting for the courier to pick up outgoing orders. At U Store It, we can sign for all your deliveries and have procedures and facilities to ensure that all your outgoing orders are picked up by your courier.

We are also open standard office opening hours on weekdays, and 9.00 am until 4.00 pm on Saturdays. Access to your unit outside these hours can also be organised if required.

7.    Security is Guaranteed

The peace of mind that comes from knowing valuable stock and equipment are as safe as they can be, cannot be overstated. All our self-storage units are protected by multiple layers of security. These include:

  • Each unit is locked with your own padlock
  • Individual alarms on each unit
  • Internal and external CCTV
  • A computerised log of who is in the building at all times
  • Each facility has a master alarm which is linked directly with the Gardai
  • An automatic notification system that alerts staff if anyone tries to enter the wrong unit


When comparing commercial self-storage against warehouse storage, there is no doubt which solution comes out the winner. Self-storage is a more cost-effective, convenient, secure, and flexible business storage solution that doesn’t tie businesses down to any long-term commitment.