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If we take a look at the way we live nowadays, and then compare that with how our parents or grandparents used to live, we’ll easily notice the difference. Apart from leading busier and much more hectic lifestyles, we seem to always need more time to do everything that we want to. But time isn’t the only thing that we lack; we also keep asking for more storage space.

Although we are often too busy, we still keep buying things that we then have no time to actually use. The result? Clutter.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many of us have too many things in our homes. But living with clutter can be rather unsettling, as well as simply impractical. In order to solve this problem, many people have started to make the most of Home Storage.

If you want to learn about the most common situations in which self-storage units can come in handy, keep reading. Below, we have listed some of the top reasons why people use a self-storage unit:


Moving can be a stressful experience — that’s for sure. In fact, in many cases, people cannot manage to move from one place to another in a single day. There are many factors which can interfere with your moving schedule. In such cases, it is smart to have a fall-back option.

Also, sometimes you need to leave your former home while your new home isn’t available yet. If that happens, it is essential to have a secure space to store all of your possessions. And what’s better and more affordable than a self-storage unit?

Home Renovation

The second most common reason why people need to use a self-storage unit is home renovation. And we all know what that means — a lot of mess. In addition, home renovations can take a while, and it’s hard to precisely estimate how long it will take to finalise everything.

With that in mind, it’s wise to remove all the furniture and precious memories from your home. Not only will those get dirty in the process, but they might also get damaged. Hence, home renovation storage will save you a lot of time and effort. Once the works have been completed and your home starts shining, you can bring all the things back and start enjoying your new, updated home.

Change of Season

When seasons start changing we all have a lot of work to do around the house. For instance, we need to reorganise our closets, wash and store clothes that we won’t be wearing until next year, as well as unpack the clothes we’ll need for the upcoming season. What’s more, we have to take care of seasonal furniture such as garden tables, chairs, and swings, as well as seasonal decorations such as Christmas lights.

However, the problem isn’t doing these things — it’s storing them.

While boxes present a convenient solution, they aren’t the best one. You will still have to put those boxes somewhere in your house, which isn’t ideal. But if you opt for a self-storage unit, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of space you will suddenly have in your home. Plus, you can be sure that your belongings will be safe until next season.

Growing Family

There’s nothing as exciting as welcoming a new member to your family. However, before you welcome your new baby to your home, you need to make a few necessary adjustments. As you probably know, babies need a lot of things. Moreover, those things are usually pretty bulky, and they require ample space.

That means major reorganising and decluttering.

You will have to make room for the baby’s crib, changing table, closet, etc. In order to do that, you will likely have to get rid of some things. After all, there’s nothing more impractical than having too many pieces of furniture in your home, especially when you are becoming a parent and you need a relaxing environment.

Again, a self-storage unit presents the most ideal solution for soon-to-be parents. It allows them to safely store the things they temporarily won’t be using while making room for their new member at the same time.


They say that travelling is the only thing that we pay for that makes us richer; anyone who has been on an adventure can confirm that. While travelling for long periods of time can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be worrisome for some. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to travel the world while wondering if your belongings back home are safe.

For that reason, many people decide to move their personal belongings to a self-storage unit before they start travelling. Since these units are extremely secure, you can be sure that your belongings are safe at all times. That way, you can relax and fully enjoy the adventures ahead of you.


Hobbies make our lives richer; without them, life wouldn’t be nearly as fun. However, some hobbies require all sorts of equipment that can take up a lot of space. While we should definitely indulge in our favourite pastime whenever we have free time, we shouldn’t clutter our home in the process.

Instead, we can use a self-storage unit to keep our hobby-related things safe at all times. That way, we will still take good care of our things without stuffing our home. Plus, a self-storing unit isn’t only a convenient solution, but a cost-effective one as well.

A Loss in the Family

Losing a family member is hard. At those times, you need to get used to multiple changes. While most people talk about getting used to the fact that your loved one is gone, there are many other things you need to take care of. One of them is managing your late family member’s belongings.

Most people feel reluctant to throw away their things, which is only natural. However, sticking to them is not a good idea either. In such cases, many people decide to use a self-storage unit. That way, they can be sure their loved one’s belongings are safe, and they can also access them whenever they feel like it.

Clutter at Every Corner

Finally, some people just have too many things. If all of your rooms are stuffed, you have no space for your car in the garage, and you just feel that you need more space to feel comfortable, consider a self-storage unit.

These units are secure and budget-friendly at the same time. Once you realise how much you can benefit from one, you will never live in a cluttered place again.