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Yes, it is happening. Amidst all the chaos of modernisation and technological advancements, the good-old vinyl records are back in popularity. These records are a symbol of our rich musical past and are one of those memorabilia which is better in its past form than its seemingly ‘modern’ replacements.

Any true music enthusiast will tell you that a vinyl record sounds much better than any digital music format. The impeccable sound quality and attention to detail that a vinyl record offers are second to none.

Thankfully, more and more youngsters and hip millennial are becoming aware of this blast from the past, purchasing them as collector’s item and listening to classics. This has resulted in an increasing number of sales every year, with a 15% growth of vinyl LPs in 2018, according to different album sales reports.

However, buying vinyl records is one thing, and storing them is another. Being a vinyl music collector, it is essential for you to know the methods of preserving your records so you can get the best out of them at all times.

How to properly store vinyl records and keep them safe

  1. Handle the records with extra care:

It is important to know how to handle the records before putting them in their respective jackets. Firstly, do not make the mistake of cleaning your old records with a t-shirt, which can cause scratches, no matter how soft the fabric is.

Use a record cleaning brush instead. Hold the brush on the record while it spins slowly. You can also purchase a vinyl-cleaning solution.

Make sure to clean both sides of the record after use. Also, clean your own hands thoroughly before touching the records.

  1. Never store them without their album jackets:

It is a simple thing to remember, yet many don’t and end up with a damaged piece. The record should only be without its jacket when it is being played. After it’s finished, don’t keep the record in the turntable as it allows dust and dirt to gather on it. Instead, stack away the record neatly in its album jacket and store it away.

  1. Store them vertically:

Make sure that the records are neatly stacked in an upright position at all times, with negligible slanting. Don’t stack them on top of one another; doing this could lead to permanent and irreversible damage to your precious records.

  1. Store in a cool and dry temperature:

Many people tend to store away their vinyl records in attics and basements. This is not at all advisable since temperatures there can get extremely hot and cold. Try to store your records as far away from heat and direct light as possible because extreme weather conditions can warp and melt your delicate records.

To ensure your records are getting the optimal temperature, it is best to store them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Advantages of storing your vinyl in a climate-controlled Self-Storage unit:

  • These units provide a secure and climate-controlled environment for the records, creating the ideal temperature conditions for preserving them;
  • These units come in a wide range of sizes and offer enough space to store as many records as you need;
  • These units maintain ideal temperature and humidity values at all times, which keeps the record in a perfectly controlled environment.
  • With these storage units, your records are guaranteed long shelf life. It can last for generations, serving as a piece of legacy for your future generations.

Summing up:

Vinyl records are a precious collector’s item that reflects your taste and style. Preserving them in the right conditions gives you the privilege of being able to listen to them for years, reliving the nostalgia of those golden years in flawless sound quality.