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As efficient as self-storage can be to cover many of your needs, sometimes you need to step up your game when it comes to dealing with prised valuables. If you are moving from one house to another and the schedules get mixed up, you’ll probably need to safe keep your belongings.

Going with self-storage is always the right choice, but if your valuables include high-end electronics, music instruments, important documents, art or delicate furniture, you need climate control on your storage unit to make sure outside elements such as heat or humidity don’t damage your possessions.

While this case is just one of many, there are other uses for these special units such as giving extra storage space to businesses or art galleries dealing with antiques. There are a number of added benefits to having climate-controlled storage units available, let’s read on about some of them:

  • They offer protection from extreme temperatures

In many parts of Ireland, temperatures can climb above 40 degrees in the summer months and drop below freezing during winter.

A good number of items such as certain legacy antiques, musical instruments and collector’s items like books or vintage toys can suffer the consequences of these extreme weather conditions and sustain considerable damage if they are left stored with no preventive measures.

Modern climate-controlled storage units are lined with up to date technology to reduce the effects of extreme weather and keep your items safe by being able to maintain even and consistent room temperatures. That way you’ll be able to keep valuables such as upholstered furniture, electronics, and other curated items from being cracked, torn or damaged due to the lows and highs of temperature change.

  • They keep Your Items Safe from Dust and Debris

Climate controlled self-storage units are located inside buildings lined with sealed walls, insulated roofs, and floors that give no room or access to outside particles or other outside factors such as humidity.

These extras make these units practically unreachable and immune to the effects of the elements. No debris will be able to enter these units, making the dirt accumulation to be far less than in regular units.

  • They offer Superior Air Quality

With Climate Controlled self-storage units, you don’t need to worry about dust particles affecting your belongings. While regular units usually have some sort of air-escape, these units are completely sealed from outdoor elements, with internal equipment regulating the air quality and using special filters to keep damaging particles away.

These controlled environments are kept running according to your needs and specifications. They can be programmed to function non-stop allowing fresh air circulation inside the unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • They keep Humidity away from your Items

Weather changes outside also affect the humidity levels indoors. When humidity affects furniture, it creates conditions on it to form fungus or rot the surface if the piece is made out of wood. Humidity also creates tears on paper and fades away ink on collectible books and magazines. It also has negative effects on electronics since it creates corrosion on most electrical equipment. The good news about it is that Climate Controlled Self-storage units have the technology to deal with it, allowing you to regulate the humidity, keeping your belongings dry in any weather condition.

Many people might think it’s a bit overkill to consider countermeasures to humidity, but it’s really not, especially if you are dealing with delicate items such as musical instruments or technology. While collectors and antique dealers do care about these type of conditions, business owners should always consider them when they are storing their belongings for a long time.

The Overall Cost of Safety and Your Piece of Mind

Do you really need a climate controlled self-storage unit? It all comes down to a conscious study of the situation and the items you need to keep safe, as well as for how long you be needing those items to be stored.

Also, as you can probably understand, using these self-storage units with controlled temperatures that create a special environment to store your items cost a bit more than a regular storage unit. The extra cost is easily compensated by the peace of mind of knowing you will always have your precious belongings safe and in perfect shape, no matter how harsh the outside weather conditions might be.

From a basic point of view, the more delicate, sensitive or valuable your items, the more you should consider storing them in a climate-controlled unit.

If you’re unsure of whether your prised possessions would benefit from being stored in one of our climate-controlled storage units, simply give us a call or make a visit to one of our many storage facilities we have across the country. Our highly qualified staff are happy to advise you on what truly works for you.

In the end, the best service you get out of self-storage with climate-control is finding your belongings in the same conditions as you left them when you first stored them.

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