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The utility closet is usually one of the most cramped up and unorganized spaces in the house, but it doesn’t need to be. Bellow, we will show you how you can make good use of this space and turn it into the perfect starting point for all your household’s organisational, cleaning, and even emergency preparedness projects and plans.

Cleaning and decluttering the space

By “cleaning,” we mean to clean each shelf thoroughly, each corner and every little thing tossed over there. The best way to do this is to remove every item from the utility closet and then separate them as per your needs. Expired products should be thrown away along with old and dirty cleaning rags and sponges. Things that are no longer wanted but are usable can be donated, and the items that are very rarely used can be placed at a nearby storage unit.

Organizing is the main challenge

It is crucial to organize all your stuff perfectly to minimize the wastage of any useful space. Once you have separated all the items that need to be in the closet, use bins, small organizers, freestanding drawers and hooks for every little thing. Keep the home supplies, cleaning essentials, and paper products organized separately according to the frequency of use.

Place seldom-used items in back corners or on the top shelves and use clear containers and baskets for most used items labelling them appropriately, so that they are easy to locate when needed. Bulkier items like the vacuum cleaner should be placed in a spot that can be easily accessible without disturbing the rest of the space.

A utility closet can be your emergency centre

Apart from stocking up all the daily essentials, a utility closet can also have other useful uses as well. Especially in the Winter, with storms, blizzards, and power outages striking the country a bit too often, you can utilise this space to help you be prepared for such events. You can have a shelf or drawer filled with all the necessities that are a must during these emergencies like batteries of varying sizes, candles, matches, flashlights, and an emergency radio.

Have more stuff than what your closet can hold? Give self-storage a try!

If even after carefully de-cluttering and organizing your utility closet, you still can’t get enough space to store everything; you do not have to worry. With Self-storage you safely store almost anything that you might not need on daily basis.

So, consider giving us a call. With storage units conveniently located across the country, we can help you turn your house into that spacious, clutter-free home you always dreamed of.