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Organising the wardrobe to free up more space and leave the house tidy is a big challenge for many people. With the increasingly busy routine, there is not always enough time to perform this task, after all, you must evaluate each piece to decide what can be discarded and what you want to keep. But what to do when there is no more space in the closet?

Leaving clothes and accessories all pilled up in a mountain of clothes is not an option: the items will be crumpled, and it will be harder to find them when you want to use them. To facilitate the location of each piece and optimize the dress-up process in the morning it is necessary to promote a periodic organization of the closet.

The good news is that there are a few tricks to solve this problem with convenience and speed. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading and see the ideas we’ve listed here to help you optimize the closet space and keep your wardrobe always organized!

Promote a periodic separation of your less-used items

To begin, you need to empty the wardrobe and separate the less-used pieces of clothing. Pay close attention to this step to decide exactly which ones you want to keep and which ones you can give away.

A good option is to organize and pack clothes and little-used objects that you do not want to throw away, in identified boxes. These boxes can be stored in another space, as long as it is clean, safe and airy. Thus, the items will always be in top condition and suitable for use when you need it.

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Plan the right space for each thing in the wardrobe

Planning is also part of organizing a wardrobe. It is necessary to think of different ways of separating the items, always seeking to increase the functionality of the wardrobe.

If you divide the wardrobe with another person, this planning is even more important to avoid mixing pieces and personal objects and ensuring the integrity of each item.

Use organisers, boxes, and baskets

The boxes, shelves, and hangers help in the separation and packaging of the clothes. It is advisable to start with the hangers, which should be separated by the type of material – such as wood, metal or plastic. A good option is to put heavier clothes on the wooden hangers, leaving the metal or plastic ones for the lighter items.

All hangers should be put-away with the hook facing inward, which will make handling easier and give the wardrobe a better look. Another way of facilitating access to the pieces is by placing the long sleeves folded to the front of the garment, for example, preventing them from curling into other garments.

The underwear can be stored in organizer boxes for lingerie or in drawers, which must be properly separated by partitions or tubes suitable for small parts.

Use the wardrobe doors

Taking advantage of cabinet doors is important, especially for people who have small wardrobes or need extra space. By attaching hooks to these structures, you get a good place to hang small objects such as belts, handbags, handkerchiefs, costume jewelry and even those most commonly used pieces. It is also worth to use the doors to install shoe organizers and mirrors.

Promote the organisation by types

Before organising everything, consider the ideal way to incorporate each type of clothing to be stored.

The hangers, for example, are very effective for protecting pieces such as shirts, coats, blouses, jackets, skirts and social pants. They should be displayed following an order – first the long sleeve shirts, then the short sleeves or the long skirts, followed by the shorter ones and so on.

The shelves will accommodate very well the towels, the sweatshirts, the knits and the knitting; all folded carefully. The arrangement of colors – from the darkest to the lightest, for example – helps to enhance the arrangement. As for the drawers, they can receive the blouses, tops and smaller pieces – such as lingerie – arranged in partitions or organizer tubes.

Keep in mind the seasons

This is another great tip to add functionality and practicality to the wardrobe. Despite the climatic variation in our country, you should keep in your closet only the clothing suitable for the season of the moment. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid the mess caused by having to search for missing clothes hidden on the bottom of the closet.

Self-storage can make things easier, consider seasonal storage to help you keep track of your things until it’s time to bring them back out again. And you will only need one storage unit. As soon as one season begins, you can replace the seasonal items you have in your storage unit with those of the season that just ended. Spring and Summer clothes for Fall and Winter and reciprocally.