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Every business owner knows that loss prevention is a crucial part of their business strategy. In order to make a profit, you must make sure there’s little to no loss, right? And, especially in the retail business, the majority of profit losses come from theft.

In order to prevent theft from happening, there’s plenty that you can do. For instance, you can increase the security of your business, include CCTV and spread your assets. When it comes to the latter, we’ve got your back.

At U Store It, we provide all sorts of storage options, and business storage is one of them.

If you’re wondering how spreading your business assets, helps with loss prevention in the long term, keep on reading!

Businesses at Risk

Some businesses have proven to be more vulnerable than others when it comes to the risk of loss. For instance, shops, warehouses, factories, and construction businesses are considered to be easier targets of theft. Shops, because of the easier access, and warehouses and factories because of the high value of the theft.

It’s for these types of businesses that spreading the risk of loss would be most effective.

Risk Reduction

When it comes to loss prevention, the key is to come up with a strategy on how to avoid risks, or at least reduce them. Sadly, not every business can do that. In fact, many online retailers start their business in their own homes and expose themselves to a double risk. Not only are they putting their business assets at risk, but they are doing the same with their personal belongings, too! Luckily, there is a way to dodge this bullet by storing the business assets in a dedicated storage unit.

At U Store It, that’s exactly what we offer. We can provide a safe and highly-secured business storage at a very reasonable price. That way, you can always meet customer demands, reduce the risk of business loss and, on top of that, you’ll be separating your work from your home. It’s a win-win scenario.

Risk Spreading

Business storage solution comes with a long list of advantages, and the most important one is the spreading of risk. As a matter of fact, we cater to businesses across the country. And that makes our service both simple and cost-effective. What’s more, if you happen to have different business sites in Ireland, you will have the opportunity to store the assets (equipment, stock, etc.) needed for each one of your sites at our various storage facilities.

What we bring to the table is cost-effectiveness, security, and safety for your assets at our 7 different storage locations! So, regardless of where you are, you will have the possibility to book one of our business storage units in your area!

Go ahead and reach out to us today to find a storage solution for all your business needs.