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Maybe you need a secure place to store a large trophy some lads from Mayo are trying to steal or maybe you just need a place for your patio furniture over the winter. Whatever you are putting in a storage unit, you want to know it is safe. Even if your belongings so not have a high monetary value, they are yours, and you’re paying for a safe place to keep them. So how do you know the storage you are considering booking is really secure? What specifics should you look for when you are comparing your options?

  • Own Door Lock – Having the entrance to the building secured is not enough. Each individual unit needs to have its own locked door.
  • Alarms – Having alarms is basic and obvious, but the real questions to ask are whether or not the alarms are monitored and does each unit have its own alarm.
    CCTV – CCTV is a good deterrent, and it also helps identity the culprits of any attempted break-ins as well as any dodgy behaviour on the premises. A comprehensive CCTV system discourages anyone from loitering or vandalizing.
  • On Site Security Staff – This is critical. All of the equipment in the world doesn’t work without real, live humans to back it up. Security equipment is there to deter and to alert actual security staff to any potential problems so they can take action. Thieves don’t work 9 to 5, and neither should your storage unit’s security staff.
  • Fire Safety – Of course, theft is not the only concern. Fire is a risk in any building – home, office, factory or storage unit. When you are researching your options, ask if they have fire-rated flooring and if it is throughout the building. And you want to see fire extinguishers located throughout the facility as well

U Store It gives you safe facilities with 24 – 7 security and access. It’s no good having 24-hour a day access to your storage unit if going there at night leaves you feeling like you’re in the opening sequences of a horror movie. As important as the safety of your possessions is, it’s second to your own safety! You want to know that if, for example, you are bringing a large and greatly coveted sports trophy to a safe place for another year, no one is able to sneak up and snatch it away.