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Moving house is one of the most stressful life experiences.  It’s hard enough when everything goes to plan, but when it doesn’t, things can get really rough.  Say, for example a bloke named Sam hears that he is being considered for a transfer from his current job in Dublin to a similar position somewhere in Mayo.   

Sam might have to wait some time for this to be confirmed.  In our imaginary example, Sam’s boss might tell him that a decision will be made at a meeting on September 18th.  So Sam starts packing up.  He doesn’t want to leave it all to the last minute.  But then, on the 18th, he’s told that there needs to be another meeting.  How can Sam keep himself sane while he’s waiting to hear if he’s going to remain in Dublin or be moved to Mayo?  What can he do while he’s waiting for this unexpected second meeting to determine his fate?

No doubt Sam is tempted to head down to this local and share his agony with his mates.  That’s understandable.  He’ll probably sit up too late at night debating the merits of Dublin versus Mayo on Facebook and other social media sites.  God help him!  But none of that is doing to prepare Sam to for moving house.

What he can do is start to pack up and clean up.  Now, he isn’t at all sure that he will be transferred to Mayo.  The rumour mill is overdrive, and nothing is going to be decided until this big meeting on October 1st.  But it is no harm for Sam to do some decluttering and cleaning at home.  

If he’s feeling confident that he will be transferred from Dublin, he could pack up some of his things and put them into storage so they are ready to go.  Perhaps like many Sam will have an unsettled period when (and if!) he first arrives in Mayo.  He might want a chance unpack the more essential things and leave the less essential items in storage in Dublin for a while.

Sam would do best to get a rented storage unit with a flexible agreement.  Even if he does get transferred to Mayo, it might not be clear how long he will be staying there.  He could be moved back to Dublin in a year or even transferred to another county.  

Maybe he’ll decide it isn’t worth his while to move everything down to Mayo and he’ll leave some things in his rented storage unit in Dublin – or maybe he’ll decide to stay in Mayo for a long, long time.  He’s heard rumours that the folks in Mayo have been working hard to arrange for his transfer, and they might be reluctant to let him go if they get their hands on him.

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