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Are you a restaurant owner? Or maybe you operate a catering business? Then you should know that self-storage can provide a handy space to store equipment when you aren’t using it, particularly during the off-season.

A self-storage is an excellent option for storing your equipment in a secure and clean environment. It offers a lot of helpful business storage ideas for restaurateurs and caterers alike.


Arranging your furniture in self-storage is particularly useful for catering companies, and even restaurants stand to gain from it as well. While caterers may have to bring different tables and chairs to each occasion, restaurant owners, on the other hand, may have to find somewhere to store extra furniture all through the year. Managers may realise that various events during the year require additional tables, and utilising self-storage for restaurants will provide a better location to store more tables when not in use.

Inventory and Supplies

A lot of inventory and supplies are required in the restaurant and catering business – from notebooks, aprons, and pens, to serving utensils, pans, pots, dishes, and silverware.

Dishes and glassware

Make sure you carefully pack items such as glasses or dishware if you would be storing them. Using newspaper, wrap any glassware individually and gently put them in the storage box. You can also stack bowls and plates on top of each other, however, be sure to wrap each dish separately with bubble wrap or newspaper.

You can place the silverware inside the silverware storage box, provided the lid is tightly fitted. Exercise caution when keeping silverware as it is susceptible to tarnishing and scratching.

Seasonal items and decor

Your decor will have to change with each new season. How then, do you intend to keep your promotional items, decorations, seasonal menus, and centrepieces? With business self-storage, you can easily store all of these seasonal items and decorations, as well as any other type of holiday flairs, such as lighting, candles, and napkins. Moreover, when the weather changes, you would want to remove and safely store outdoor fixtures like patio furniture, umbrellas, heaters, and fire pits.

Outlined below are a few tips to help in managing your restaurant and catering self-storage.

  • Put a label on each of your storage boxes detailing the contents therein.
  • Stack heavier and bigger boxes on the bottom.
  • You can also stack boxes on top of furniture like your tables and stools.
  • Using shelving will also offer a place to store items (like aprons) that you’ll need quick access to.
  • Try also to maintain an ongoing list of the items inside your storage unit, as well as their location.
  • It’s a good idea to place boxes and other things you’ll need frequent access to towards the front of the unit. Then keep the ones that won’t be required until the next season towards the back. That way, you’ll easily find things you need on time.

Once you have carried out the above tips and followed them accordingly, your equipment and utensils will be safe and easy to access.



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