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More and more people are finding ways to create a side income through retail sales from home. Some sell at events such as festivals or use pop-up spaces in cities and towns. Others sell from home, sometimes by hosting parties. For many, this is a seasonal gig and right now is the season.

The merchandise is accumulating and it needs a place to go. Maybe you are a craft maker or perhaps you are receiving deliveries of goods you’ve purchased to re-sell. Either way, that stuff has to go somewhere. But where?

  • Your House or Shed – For many, the obvious answer is to store their seasonal stock at home. This makes sense if what you are selling is very small. If you make jewellery, for example, it won’t take up much space. Store it in plastic storage boxes that can be stacked to save space. Very small items can be stored in cases with divided spaces such as those sold for fishing tackle. If you have lots of small boxes, you can keep things tidy by putting them all in one larger box. The garden shed can be tempting, but unless it is exceptionally well constructed, it won’t offer adequate protection from damp and cold.
  • Your Car or Van – If you are driving around with your merchandise, it is tempting to just keep it in your car or van. This is a risky prospect. If you have a garage (and can park in it!), this can be very convenient. But your vehicle is vulnerable to theft and the elements if you leave it parked in the driveway or on the street. Consider too how dampness in the vehicle would affect your merchandise.
  • Storage Unit – This can be an ideal solution if you have the option of a short-term agreement. If you are selling seasonally, make sure you don’t sign a contract committing you to a year. U Store It requires just seven days’ notice when you wish to vacate your unit. A good storage unit offers excellent security, protection from damp and cold, and easy access. Some storage units, including U Store It, can also accept delivery of your merchandise directly from the wholesaler – which is very handy if you also have a day job and can’t be waiting around the home for a shipment to arrive.

It’s not too late to find a quality commercial storage unit for your holiday merchandise. U Store It has facilities in North Dublin in Charlestown, North Dublin in Northpark, South Dublin at Red Cow, Cork, Waterford and Belfast offering a flexible and secure storage solution for your seasonal stock.