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Although people commonly associate self-storage with personal use, something that is used by private individuals to store their personal belongings or by collectors for the safekeeping of their valuables when they run short of space on their households, self-storage spaces are also widely used by small companies to store their supplies or stock of products.

Think for a moment why wouldn’t they: for example, entrepreneurs at the early stages of launching their start-ups probably don’t have ample storage space at their disposal. Working with a self-storage company can help them better plan all the the necessary logistics of managing their businesses.

Businesses that take advantage of business storage include:

  • Retailers;
  • eCommerce stores;
  • Building Contractors;
  • Restaurants & Caterers;
  • Publishing Companies and many others.

Here are some of the main benefits of Self-Storage for Small Businesses

Storage for Merchandise

Many small retail stores don’t have the space to properly store their overstock of seasonal items so it can get pretty difficult for them to keep track of inventory. Off-season items get mixed with in-season ones or they occupy all the available space, leaving none for new items.

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or an online shop, when you choose to manage your inventory using a storage unit you can keep track of anything you have for sale, have additional space to store excess merchandise and have everything well organised, safe and at hand when you need it.

Storage for Paperwork and Tools

Every business operation, no matter how small they are, entails a lot of paperwork. Even those who make their best efforts to go green all the way. The digital world is pretty useful, but it can be a bit unreliable when tax season arrives. That’s why most companies need to keep organised files of physical documents such as corporate bylaws, contracts, financial records, press releases, books and magazines, etc. For added protection, you can place all your paperwork in a Climate-controlled unit, especially if you plan on storing it for the long-term.

If your trade or business operations require the use of tools and spare parts, you’ll also get good use out of a self-storage unit to keep this equipment safe between jobs.

Storage for Seasonal Items

Throughout the year, decorations for different holiday celebrations tend to pop up in all aspects of a business.

If your company doesn’t have a warehouse or enough backroom space to warrant all the decorations needed for specific seasons, a storage unit can help you keep these items under key in a clean, safe and secure location until the time comes to use them again.

Short-Term Storage While Renovating or Relocating

There are two scenarios where you will need self-storage units as your business grows. If you are adding extra space to your existing location, you need to take out all the furniture and appliances to store them and keep them away from paint, and dust that could damage them. It can also happen that the business operation is moving to a new location, but it will probably need some work done before moving in, so you can keep everything safe and clean in a self-storage unit until it’s time to move.

While undergoing renovation work or moving, businesses can safely store items, such as:

  • Office Furniture and décor;
  • File cabinets and documents;
  • Desktop computers;
  • Break room appliances;
  • Office supplies.

With business self-storage, you pay only for what you need, when you need it.

With units of all sizes available, Business Storage is a great cost-effective solution for smaller or start-up businesses that do not need a warehouse or as much storage space as a large enterprise. Without long term contracts it is also a great option for those seasonal businesses that do not require a storage unit year-round.

You can choose your contract term and unit size based upon your individual business needs. As your company expands, you can easily increase your storage space.

With many benefits such as:

  • State-of-the-art security
  • 24/7 access to the facility
  • Units of various sizes
  • Dollies for easier move-in and move-out operations
  • Storage supplies for purchase
  • Optional climate-controlled solutions

U Store It Business Storage offers a cost-effective and secure solution for all your storage space needs.