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No matter what size your business is,  you should not underestimate the product storage process. Proper inventory management is one of the significant steps towards developing your business, and making it grow profitably and safely.

If your problem is just the lack of storage space, we bring the solution: Invest in Self-Storage and ensure a safe and reliable place to store your inventory of products, including surplus, promotional or e-commerce materials.

In this post, we explain why Self-Storage is advantageous for small businesses by optimizing their management and contributing to the higher profitability of the company.

Invest in Self-Storage and Boost Your Business

For those who are not entirely familiar with how it works, let us explain: you hire a company like U Store It that specialises in Business Storage and have at your disposal tailored storage warehouses where you can safely store all items that are out of place in your company or office.

Self-Storage is, therefore, a perfect alternative not only for storing retail products or business documents but also for all kinds of surplus items: discarded furniture, little-used equipment, and parts of a collection, among many other things.

By storing your company’s surplus items in a Storage Unit, you ensure a host of features for your business, from the release of office space to pocket-sized savings at the end of the month.

Here’s why:

You create more space at your company’s headquarters

By freeing up space, new possibilities can arise by taking advantage of the areas that were overloaded with surplus or little functional products.

From there, you can optimise the management and even the billing of your business by using these new-found spaces for other functions according to the needs of the company: location of the area, the opening of a new space, installation of meeting rooms, creation of a leisure lounge for employees, etc…

You ensure more security and control in inventory management

Security is always treated as a priority issue. So, you can rest assured that your products will be protected. Access to storage units is restricted and electronically controlled, and you can store or retrieve items as needed.

Self-Storage facilities are always under strict control and maintenance. This ensures that any products or items you have stored will be free of dirt, moisture or any other damage.

You save on storage costs

Self-Storage offers a very positive cost-benefit ratio. With less stock, it is possible, for example, to move to a smaller office or space. Thus, you can even get capital gain with the exchange of property.

And even if you choose to keep your company headquarters at home, the cost of booking a storage unit is much lower compared to the cost of getting warehouse space for product storage, as self-storge is flexible and fully adapted to your business needs.