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Self-storage units are a remarkably versatile solution for a whole range of situations. One area where they are of great use is helping businesses that are just getting off the ground.

Cost-effective, flexible, and convenient self-storage units can be hugely beneficial to new businesses as they get established and beyond. This article describes the benefits that new businesses enjoy by using a self-storage unit to help the new venture.

The Benefits of Self-storage for New Businesses

Starting a new business is both immensely exciting and highly stressful at the same time. It is an incredibly busy time, but also a time where startup costs can quickly spiral out of control.

But for many businesses, one way that can help manage both time and cost is a self-storage unit. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; a self-storage unit can end up being one of the savviest business decisions new startups make.

Here are just a few of the major benefits that self-storage units provide for new businesses.

1.    Reduced Overheads

New businesses often fail simply because of short-term cash flow problems. It can take time for businesses to build up the customer base that they need to survive. This leaves them vulnerable as startup costs and ongoing overheads need to be covered.

A self-storage unit can help by offering premises for storage purposes that can be orders of magnitude cheaper than renting or buying premises for the purpose.

Consider the example of a shop that has plenty of display space but little storage space. In this instance, the business owner may have to rent or buy extra storage space. This is expensive but also brings with it further overheads in the shape of utility bills, rates, and maintenance costs.

Compare this against using a self-storage unit. For one reasonable rental payment, all the costs are covered, and property overheads are greatly reduced.

2.    Running your business from home

Many startups decide to run their new business from home to save on startup costs. This definitely has a well-proven track record in helping businesses while they get established. But it does have a downside.

If your business carries a large amount of stock or relies on bulky equipment or machinery, the problems of running a business from home soon become apparent.

A cluttered and cramped home is detrimental both to a happy domestic life and the efficiency of your business operations. A self-storage unit can deal with this problem in a single stroke, and with prices beginning at not much more than a few Euros per week, it is easily affordable.

3.    Increased efficiency

These days many startups are web-based shops selling products that need to be dispatched quickly to keep customers happy. Business self-storage units can be organised in such a way that all your stock can be stored properly. With the use of shelving and racks and clearly labelled storage boxes, it is easy to quickly dispatch orders and keep a smile on your customers faces.

Paperwork is also another area where space can quickly cause things to become disorganised. A self-storage unit can be used as a storage room for paperwork that can be safely archived.

4.    Self-storage is a cost-effective way of dealing with seasonal variances

Once again, it comes down to how a self-storage unit can help to reduce overheads. Many business types experience large variances in their workload depending on seasons.

One example that epitomises the problems of seasonal differences is landscape gardening. In the summer months, landscapers regularly use machineries like lawnmowers, strimmers, and even small diggers. These are seldom needed during the winter months, and this can be a headache when the machinery needs to be securely stored for the winter.

Self-storage units can be rented for exactly the required period, so if you need a few months over the winter, that can be arranged. Similarly, a shop owner wanting to store winter stock during the summer months can also benefit.

5.    As a storage unit for expensive tools and equipment

Many businesses will start up with the entire operation more or less being run from a single van. While this is a great way of keeping costs down, it does leave business owners open to the potential theft of expensive equipment.

A self-storage unit provides a high-security environment that keeps valuable tools safe when not in use.

The Features of Self-storage

The flexibility of self-storage as a tool for businesses getting started is one of the main attractions. Amongst the features that make this such a flexible and popular option are:

  • Short or long-term solutions – Whether you need a unit for a week or two over the Christmas rush or for the winter months, or on a more permanent basis, a unit can be organised for exactly the period you need
  • Clean and Dry – At U Store It, all our facilities are superbly maintained and are guaranteed to provide a clean and dry environment. There are even climate-controlled units available if you need to store sensitive items.
  • Easy access – All our units are open during normal business hours, and out-of-hours access can be easily organised if required. We also have facilities throughout Ireland, so no matter where you are based, we can help.
  • Security – Each self-storage unit is protected by layers of security that include the ability to use your own locks on your unit, Internal and external CCTV coverage, computerised building occupancy logs, and alarm systems connected directly to the police.
  • Loading and unloading – Covered loading bays and ample parking at all our facilities make loading and unloading a breeze.

Start your business on the right foot with a self-storage unit

For those starting up in business, the first few months and years are the trickiest. While a self-storage unit can’t solve all your problems, it can go a long way to keeping your business operating efficiently and with minimum costs.

Why not contact us today and find out more about how renting a self-storage unit might be the smartest business decision you make this year.