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The pandemic has changed our daily routines and put to the test several companies and business models. The home service business is no exception and keeping teams working efficiently and productively is an entirely new task.

Forget the usual extra office spaces, warehouses or workshops and discover how business self-storage can offer various benefits to home service businesses.

Affordable priced space for Landscapers and Other Businesses

Nowadays, we all have a new point of view on the lack of functional storage space. For example, landscapers know that their usually bulky equipment and supplies can take up valuable real estate.

Instead of thinking about finding additional space, selling necessary equipment or downsizing your team, optimise your business with self-storage and earn much need extra space for:

  • Large equipment
  • Inventory
  • Construction materials
  • Supplies
  • Office furniture
  • Documents

With the placement of all these types of material, you get the much-needed space and create more room in your workspace without making difficult and expensive decisions.

Whether you need a small unit to keep your documents safe or a bigger unit capable of temporarily storing all the material you need as a landscaper, you can find the right storage unit for you at an affordable price.

Useful and convenient storage for Contractors

As if being a budget-friendly solution isn’t enough, self-storage can help improve your home service business efficiency and workflow. Many home services, namely contracting, plumbing and electric companies, are constantly moving from one location to another because of their projects. Instead of keeping everything inside your van or moving in and out of your home to retrieve your equipment, tools and materials, keep them near you with self-storage.

If you’re in a constant hurry, business storage is the right solution for you. Whether you need to store inventory and supplies, our facilities offer flexible access hours for your convenience.

Not only self-storage keeps your company’s inventory close to you, but it will also keep them secure. All of our storage facilities have security features like video monitoring, keypad entries and fenced complexes to ensure your valuable and expensive materials are kept safe at all times.

Book Your Self Storage Unit Today

Let U Store It self-storage help your home service business improve during these difficult times. We have at your disposal a wide range of unit sizes and features that can cater for all your business’s needs. Undecided about the right unit size for you? Check our unit size guide.

From our specially placed locations to our security measures and affordable prices, prepare to discover a self-storage experience like no other with us.

Find a facility near you and book the perfect unit for your home service business today.