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Christmas is creeping up fast, and as you walk around town, it’s hard to escape it as shops and businesses are running riot, stock ordering is at its peak, and stores are decked out to the max.

Although businesses tend to use Self- storage fairly regularly, this time of year is often extremely popular for many start-ups and retailers needing some extra storage space.

Here we look at the many different reasons why using self-storage units are beneficial to businesses,

  • Affordability

One of the main reason’s businesses are attracted to using self-storage units is the affordability factor; the low costs and flexibility plus demand on short notice are rather appealing to companies.

  • Online businesses who work from home

If you run your company from home, you may have already accumulated a lot of stock by now, and as time goes by, it gets pretty stressful if space is limited and stock is piling up. Many online run companies use self-storage units to act as an add-on to the business, storing all of their stock supplies safely at a secure location.

  • Climate controlled units

Climate controlled units are also one of the reasons that attract retailers since units can be sought, which ideally control temperature and regulate sufficient airflow in order to keep items in pristine condition.

  • Christmas stockpiles

This time of years is hectic for many retailers who have to order bulk loads of extra stocks and supplies in order to serve customer demand. It can put strain and stress onto staff that have trouble finding places to store a mass load of extra supplies; this is where self-storage units are extremely helpful as they provide the extra space needed during the festive period.

  • Need to create extra space

Some companies like to create extra space in the office or store around Christmas; this is mainly due to higher amounts of custom entering the premises, but also so that they can host their Christmas parties for employees and allow room to display all of their lavish decorations. If you need to move some furnishings out to create extra space, you could pop them into a self-storage unit temporarily and move stuff back into the building in the new year.

  • Convenience

For businesses, it’s highly convenient to use self-storage, especially if the company is seasonal run. Our units provide a no-fuss in and out facility that can be used for as long or as little as you like. You can scale units up or down (as and when you need to) so that you never pay for space you no longer need.

  • Archiving

Companies do accumulate massive amounts of documents and paperwork, especially a long-running established company. Around Christmas, there tends to be a rise in paperwork, which adds to the stress, especially if space is already full to the brim. Documents cannot be discarded readily, though; most have to be archived and stored for a certain amount of time first. Many documents are also highly confidentially containing sensitive information which has to be stored securely and away from prying eyes. A self-storage unit offers that safe place, away from the business premises, and you have full control of who obtains the key for access.