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If your business is going so well that space is becoming a strategic issue, maybe it’s time for your company to start enjoying the benefits of having a self-storage unit.

If your company is going through any of these four situations we present you below, you should definitely consider booking a self-storage unit.

Box World

Important items and paperwork should be kept close, but not in the middle of your office, so if you look around and all you see are boxes with files, projects, documents and other materials scattered all over the place, it’s probably time to find a safe and secure place to put them.

You should keep the really important ones at hand and place the rest in a storage unit, where they can be appropriately organised and stored.

Stock Everywhere

Stock in the office, stock in the corridors, stock in the bathroom, stock, stock, stock…

If you have the feeling (or evidence) that your stock is ‘stored’ everywhere in your company’s office, no doubt it’s time to go to one of our Storage facilities and book a business storage unit to call your own.

Need lots of space, little space, lots of space, little space

If your company suffers from the accordion effect and need to increase and decrease the available space to store things quickly according to the volume of business, it’s time to start looking for a flexible solution to store you inventory.

With self-storage you can easily increase or reduce your storage unit size according to your company’s space needs.

Home Office

If your Home office has been invaded and areas like the dining room table is now full of your products and documents, this is an indication that it’s time for a change.

You will see a great boost in productivity if you separate the work area from the living part of your house. You can keep the rest of the stuff that doesn’t fit in the Office space in a self-storage unit. All of this without sacrificing accessibility, because with U Store It you can access your unit whenever you need, 24 Hours a day, 7 days per week.