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Regardless of on which big world metropole you live in now, be it Dublin, New York, São Paulo, or Tokyo, one thing is sure: there is a great chance that you are living in a small apartment.

Small apartments are being a viable choice for many people looking for a new home to live.

Besides being less expensive, they are also easier to clean and more organised. Cities are growing, population increasing, and urban space is being increasingly divided.

The size may seem a disadvantage, but these apartments can also become spacious and warm, it all depends on how they are decorated.

Check out some tricks that turn these little places into ideal living spaces:

First of all, think about the general flow of the area – It is essential to plan first and only then buy furniture that is appropriate to your needs.

Better use of the rooms does not mean taking advantage of every little space to fit a new piece of furniture or object. It means to think of the organization in an intelligent way, which provides free areas for circulation, with a good balance between practicality and aesthetics. Thus, day to day life becomes more comfortable.

It is a mistake not to plan the house according to your needs. If you rarely get visitors, the extra chairs in the living room are just a waste of space. It pays to meet up with friends and relatives in a restaurant. If you never read most of the books you have, it pays to donate them and free up extra space on the shelves. Buying furniture for small apartments is a problem as you need to take measurements of each area or choose between one piece of furniture and another because space does not fit both.

In this sense, finding a company that manufactures planned furniture is a good solution because, in addition to leaving environments much more harmonious, you maximize the usability of each space.

Also, when it comes to buying furniture, another excellent option is multipurpose furniture: beds with built-in drawers, folding tables, poufs that also function as trunks and cabinets with built-in ironing tables are examples of furniture that combine beauty and functionality. Therefore, it is worth adopting them.

Throw away what’s not needed anymore.

If you buy and fill your property with thousands of useless things you may have difficulty even getting around from the living room to the kitchen and vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to keep all the rooms organised and always prioritize the functionality.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that if the space is reduced, only what is essential must be in it. It is vital that you do a major decluttering in the apartment, eliminating anything that does not add value to your life.

Make choices. You need to decide what is most important to you. Reflect on your lifestyle and choose which objects are worth keeping and what functions the house should entail.

If after applying all the possible tips you still need extra space and at the same time do not want to get rid of some furniture and objects with sentimental value, there is a simple solution.

Renting a home storage unit has been gaining strength among families who have many personal belongings and little space for storage in small apartments. This way, your personal belongings will be safe and your apartment more organised.

These spaces have excellent storage conditions, ample space and, above all, a high level of security – that is, they are perfect for storing furniture, documents, decoration items and what else you need to take away from home.