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The Irish music scene is incredibly rich and diverse. There are several stages and a large number of bands and musicians taking turns in them. Between a show and another, how to take care of the instruments? And where to store them?

Is it worth leaving the instruments at home?

Musical instruments such as guitars, bass, drums, and other musical equipment such as speakers, pedestals, microphones, amplifiers, sound desk, among others, occupy a significant space and can disrupt the organization of your home.

If you live with your family or with friends, surely some of them have complained about the space occupied by the instruments. Even if you live alone, you may have already had to move the equipment from side to side to release the passage or necessary space. And how about when cleaning the room where you keep these instruments? Dragging everything from side to side is tiring and still throws the equipment at risk. How to get around this stress?

For those who are part of a band, own many instruments, or do not have space inside the house to store their musical equipment the ideal solution is to use Self-Storage services like the ones from U Store It. Here you have unrestricted access to your unit, keeping your instruments for as long as you wish in the safest way possible. All with the ideal conditions so that your musical equipment is always in excellent condition. As only those who rent the space can access it, the risk of any damage to the instruments is null in addition to keeping the parts protected from sun exposure, moisture, and dust.

By transferring all this musical equipment from your home, you can gain a lot of space. Of course, when the band gets together, just go to the self-storage facility and get the gear!

Tips on how to store musical instruments:

  • It is essential to clean the instrument before storing it to better preserve it. It is also necessary to dry it, because, especially in the case of wind instruments, moisture can accumulate bacteria.
  • Place the smaller instruments, once cleaned, in appropriate and thermal cases, which are sold in specialised stores.
  • When storing string instruments such as a guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass, among others, it is essential to keep them in their appropriate cases. These cases are crucial because they are protected internally and externally, absorbing any external impact that may occur.
  • Use also plastics or cloths on flooring instruments, like pianos. This helps avoid the accumulation of dust.
  • All instruments have a section that is more delicate, usually from where the sound comes out. Because of this, it should be avoided to leave this region against the wall or with weight on top. If you have a string instrument, for example, do not let his arm get pressure as this might damage it.

Enjoy the convenience of U Store It Self-Storage. In addition to being easy to organise your instruments in a storage unit with the size that best suits your needs, all musical equipment will be in a safe and secure environment, monitored 24 hours a day.