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There’s so much to think about when preparing for your wedding day. Just put aside the expense and think for a moment of all the extra paraphernalia that goes with getting married. You’re not just talking wedding outfits, but a whole host of things such as decorations, gifts, and so much more. And, if spare room is limited, then life can be difficult as you need to store the precious items somewhere, knowing they’ll be safe.

It’s worthwhile considering a central location that’s safe, affordable, well-maintained, and preferably close to home, as you’ll need to visit it often with the endless items you’ll acquire ahead of the wedding.

How Self Storage can Help with Wedding Preparation:

  • Organisation is the key

Self-storage is the answer to all your needs in keeping everyone calm and in tune with all the latest wedding updates. For bulk items such as banners, candles and personalised items, shelving and baskets can be added to keep everything in place and kept tidy.

Do keep your own logbook of what’s where so that you’ll be stress-free as time goes by to the big day, and remember to date when and where you bought items.

  • Purchase in bulk

Without a doubt, it’s far cheaper to buy in bulk, and significant savings can be had. Depending on how big your wedding will be, and how much in the way of decorations you need to purchase, then don’t worry, as there are many storage unit sizes available.

You should consider renting a climate-controlled unit to enable your precious items from perishing; plus, it’s more comfortable if you’re visiting on hot summer days. You then can be assured of everything keeping cool.

  • An excellent working space

It’s impossible in most homes to have the wedding and party prep strewn everywhere, and if you intend to create some wonderful masterpieces, then you need space for all the extras. A great idea is renting a larger unit where you can pop up a table to work on and then store as you go.

  • Safety and security

It’s essential that you have excellent security, especially for costly items. It’s entirely up to you if you store wedding garments in a unit or keep them hidden away in a wardrobe at home or at someone else’s property to be kept secret.

If you are going to store the wedding gear, make sure you use garment bags and all coverings and use clothing racks.

  • Set up a wedding preview

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing how the wedding tables will be on the day, assuming you are doing these yourself.

Have a table that can be easily assembled to set up the centrepieces and table plans. You can change your mind as you go, but it’s an idea to set things out just to check on progress.

  • Wedding gifts

It’s an exciting time, and you’ll find that gifts will arrive continually. People love to buy wedding gifts but don’t always consult with a list that you may have. If you do receive duplicates, don’t panic, as you can store them at the unit then change them for something else after the great day. People won’t mind if you tell them you intend to exchange the gift.

After the wedding

After the great day is over, there will be various items that you’ll want to keep as wedding keepsakes.

There’s as much to think about after the wedding too, but usually, if you’re away immediately on your honeymoon, family or friends can sort it for you, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that everything will be safe in the storage unit.

The newlyweds home

Whatever your circumstances, it’s always fun to settle down and sort out your marital home with new gifts and new adjustments. Maybe there are two homes that need creating into one residence.

If this is the case, then take all surplus furniture and items to the storage unit until you decide what you wish to keep.

Everything takes time and settling down after the wedding and honeymoon is an exciting but stressful time, especially if you need to work as well or have a young family. Keep things low key, knowing that your storage unit is your saving grace that can be easily visited for a sort out.

Take time to reflect on this exciting time in your life. You may feel as though you’re forever running around in a complete tizzy, but it’s the most exciting day of your entire life. Stay calm, and try to remain stress-free, and log and organise things as you go. Keep that special logbook to hand and even make a note of how much things cost so that in years to come, you can look back and see how much your wedding actually cost.

Relax and enjoy the many wedding photographs and the wonderful memories, and look back on that special day, knowing that all the preparation was worth it!

And very importantly, be assured that in renting a storage unit, you’ll rest easy knowing that your precious items remain safe.