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It’s that time of year again, Christmas! And although it’s a joyful festive holiday, where families get together to celebrate, it’s also regarded as the most stressful time too, especially the run-up to it. Although easier said than done, for most, early preparations are what helps to relieve the stress and make it a joyful occasion for all.

You may already be into the festive spirit as we speak, buying gifts, sending out cards, and making arrangements for out of town family members coming to stay or perhaps you are just getting started? Well, don’t stress as there are still a few weeks left to get organised and if a lack of space at home is worrying or concerning you right now, we may have just the thing that you are looking for!


You may not have thought about it before, but self-storage can come in handy at this time of year. A great advantage of self-storage is that units can be rented for a very short period of time, so, it’s actually ideal for Christmas.

Here’s how self-storage could come in use this Christmas:

  • Present stashing- It’s alright buying gifts, but it can be a nightmare when it comes to hiding them away until the big day! If every inch of the wardrobe, cupboard and under the bed space is full to the brim and you have a bunch of eagle eyes on the mystery hunt trying to find their presents; then why not store them out of the home altogether, by popping them into temporary self-storage, and make your life less stressful. For kids expecting big presents such as bikes this year or perhaps big dolls houses, it’s so difficult to hide them away, so it may be worth considering storage units.
  • Free up space – If your home is set to be overcrowded with guests and decorations this Christmas and with hardly any room to move, how about transferring out some of the furniture and accessories that you can live without for a short time, during the festive period anyway, and store them in self-storage units to free up some extra space for all.
  • Safe keeping’s – Although this time of the year is magical and festive, it’s also the time of year when we see a rise in crime rates, particularly burglaries. It’s absolutely appalling, not to mention heart-breaking when we hear of the dreadful stories of houses that have been burgled, and even the children’s wrapped gifts under the tree stolen. As sad as this may be, unfortunately, it tends to happen to families year after year, totally destroying their festive spirit.

Many families also go away for Christmas or over the new year but leaving an empty home can be a worrying thought. Self-storage is ideal for storing high valuable house-old items away, so that you can enjoy your holidays without having to stress. If the inevitable were to happen, at least, you wouldn’t suffer the direct financial burden, and any sentimental items remain safe and secure.