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As many are aware, Feng Shui is a Chinese culture of which they absolutely swear by; the aim of Feng Shui is to establish an environment that is harmonious with human life, and to do this, they seek vital energies otherwise known as Ch’i. They focus on how space is laid out, and if need be, will position certain items to create the right amount of energy, they call this a Bagua Map.

It may sound rather complex, but the idea behind it all is to create harmony within a natural setting, and a little rejigging here and there provides the right amount of balance. In today’s modern homes, especially within the western world, it may require a little more knowledge and personal initiative because western homes and businesses are a far cry from what early Feng Shui practitioners are used to working with. Although achievable, it means looking at our buildings with a different perspective since many of our builds, including homes and businesses and also land settings, are incredibly different from what is considered Feng Sui opulent.

So, where do we begin? 

Well, Feng Shui has a famous saying which encourages us to move 27 things to change our lives, so in that case, it seems like the perfect place to start. You may wish to try that now actually, why not move 27 items, big or small with or without rearranging furniture to see if it works, I may start by taking my coffee cup to the sink, what about you?

If you are struggling to find space to move things, and cannot throw things out altogether, why not try moving 27 items into self-storage and see if that works, besides you can always move them again afterwards, I’m sure that counts as twice!


Speaking of self-storage, the option comes with a whole host of other benefits too, so maybe not such a bad idea. If you are planning on clearing out at home or work, you may not be able to dispose of certain items, for instance important paperwork’s and documents at work generally have to be filed for at least 10 years but if space in the office is limited, this can be rather frustrating, to say the least, especially as it begins to pile up. A reputable storage facility will offer safe and secure storage on a self-storage basis, meaning you can gain access to such items, but they are no longer clogging up the valuable office space, instead nicely stored away at a secure unit. These business storage units are not just a regular container piled with boxes; climate-controlled indoor self-storage units can be completed with shelving and baskets so that the space inside is neatly organised and useable; think of them as an extension to the workplace. At home, you may wish to clear out clutter to create a more harmonising environment; however, you may not want to discard certain things, again self-storage could be your safe place to remove some of the clutter from your home but not your life.

So now that we’ve established the art of Feng Shui, with a viable option to de-clutter, how can we put all of this into action to start our journeys of growth and prosperity at home and at work today?

Here is a guide to help;

Live Healthy and encourage good family relationships- first of all, focus on the middle left section of your structure, home, or workplace. Colours of green and blue are recommended for this area, and items such as family heirlooms, pictures, and photographs of loved ones (family and friends), mementos, and awards such as athletic ones should be present. Try adding some blooming fresh-cut flowers and plants too.

Wealth and prosperity- This is related to the rear left areas of your business or home setting, and it aims to draw the in Ch’i energy. It’s recommended that ideal items should be placed within this area that works with energy, so focus on wind chimes, flags, and anything of value such as art, antiques, sculptures, coins, and crystals. Plants should display shiny coin-shaped leaves so particular rounded in shape in shades of red, purple, and blue, so jade or begonias are ideal and to symbolise money flow add waterfalls or fountains if possible.

Here are some extras,

  • Fame/reputation- rear middle area -display trophies, awards, nice lighting, and candles.
  • Love/marriage- Rear right area- display doves, partner pictures, dolphins and hearts, red, pink, white.
  • Children/creativity- middle area- pictures of children, toys, handmade items, metal items, pastel colours.
  • People/travel- pictures of angels, clients, customers and employees, special places you have visited, or would like to travel to, and focus on shades of black, grey, and white.
  • Career- front middle section- mirrors, glass, and crystals should be present, the art of water fountains or the real thing if possible, and shades of black, blue, charcoal, brown, and maroon.
  • Knowledge- front left area, fill with books and study material, all knowledge related and pictures of teachers and wise people.