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Moving is a challenging experience. It may even be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever have to do as an adult. It may be a long and arduous procedure to pack all the moving boxes, organise everything, and then transport them from one location to another.

If you’re moving house, you’ll want to keep the stress to a minimum. As a result, deciding on the best day of the week to do so is critical.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of relocating at various times of the week, as well as some other essential considerations.

Is it a good idea to move on a Friday?

Fridays are traditionally the most used day of the week for moving (unless on Friday the 13th), while weekends are generally the least popular. Yet, while Fridays are the busiest, this does not always suggest that it is the greatest day for you to relocate.

Work responsibilities are one of the key reasons for Friday’s popularity. Because most people work throughout the week, relocating on a Friday allows you to only take one day off. Therefore, take advantage of the extended weekend to begin unpacking your possessions (at least part of them) and finish moving into your new place.

On the other hand, Friday is the biggest day of the week for moving companies, who sometimes find their Fridays filled up months in advance. Therefore, if you’re thinking of relocating on a Friday, you should book your moving date as soon as feasible.

If something goes wrong…

In reality, when deciding what the ideal day to relocate is, availability is a critical issue to consider.

Estate agents, solicitors, even banks in addition to removal companies, are all under increased demand on the last working day of the week, and if it gets too late in the day, there may be no one available to help you.

Also, finding an available professional on a weekend should be difficult if you want assistance with the plumbing, electrics, or other amenities in your new house.

Banking on a Friday?

On the financial front, you won’t be able to legally move into your new home until all of your funds have cleared. Friday transactions usually take a bit longer and waiting for the cash to clear might be an uncomfortable wait on a Friday afternoon!

Bank transfers are often supposed to drop by 3 p.m., and if the money does not clear by that time, you may be unable to proceed with the relocation until the following Monday, leaving you and your belongings stuck over the weekend. Furthermore, you may be responsible for extra interest or legal expenses.

Monday is a good day to move

Monday is the second most common day of the week for people to relocate, which means it might be another busy day in terms of resources.

Relocating on a Monday has the added benefit of giving you more time on the opposite side of the weekend to pack up and leave your current residence, as well helping avoid the typical last-minute packing rush!

A mid-week move

Moving throughout the week, between Tuesday and Thursday, means that removal firms and other experts will have fewer reservations and will be less busy, giving you greater access to resources and making it simpler to contact the essential personnel in the case of any problems.

Picking a Thursday for your house relocation has the added benefit of just taking one more day off work – plus, you can take advantage of these extra days to help with all of that unpacking.

Saving money on a Sunday

If saving money is your first goal, schedule your move for a Sunday. It’s the day when families don’t want to move the most. People avoid it since it is so close to the start of the workweek. For removal and moving businesses, it is generally the cheapest day to relocate.

When is the ideal time to move your belongings?

The sooner you begin moving, the better. It’s usually an all-day event, so set aside as much time as you can on the day of your move.

At the start of the day, everyone will be less weary and more alert than they would be at the end.

Furthermore, the earlier you schedule, the less likely your move will be delayed or cancelled if you’re employing a moving company.

What about the best possible time to move during the month?

Because most rental contracts expire at the end of the month, everyone will be looking to relocate between the end of the current month and the start of the next.

Therefore, if you want to save money ensure that you hire your move for the middle of the month when it’s less popular.

Organising your move day

If you’re in a chain, you’re less likely to be able to choose your moving day, and it’s more likely that a Friday will be suggested – but it’s still worth calling your solicitor and suggesting a different day of the week.

Obviously, if you’re just purchasing a new property and not selling your existing one, you don’t have to finish the house move on the same day. You may finish on a Thursday, giving you the entire Friday to settle into your new home.

If you want to make sure that your move runs as stress-free as possible, please ensure that any mortgage funds are accessible in time for your closing to avoid any unforeseen delays.

We understand that moving house may be stressful but preparing ahead for the optimum time to move may save you a lot of grief later on. Hopefully, these insights will assist you with your upcoming major relocation project!