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All I want for Christmas is a self-storage unit, isn’t something you commonly hear. But, perhaps it should be.

Whether it’s for a whole year-round solution to store all those bulky decorations or a temporary solution to help ease the stress of the holiday period, a self-storage unit could be the perfect gift to yourself to help ease you through the festive period.

Here are some “cracking” reasons to use a self-storage unit this Christmas.

1.     Year-round storage for Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations used to be so simple, a few strings of tinsel, perhaps a fake tree and some nice decorations to adorn the doors and walls. But these days, it is all so different.

Strings of LEDs, guffawing Santas, elaborate and programmable Christmas trees, external lights and decorations, the list is endless – and expensive.

Gone are the days when all your Christmas decorations could neatly fit in a box in the attic. This is where a self-storage unit comes into its own.

Not only does it free up valuable space used by items that are rolled out for a couple of weeks each year, but because they are secure, clean and dry, they ensure that the expensive Santa the kids insisted upon lives to guffaw another year.

2.     Frees up space for all those Xmas guests

This is the time of year where our homes are usually filled with friends and family members. This means that the spare room that spends most of the year acting as spare storage needs to be swung into action.

The problem is the house is already full of Christmas trees and presents!

Once again, self-storage can be the perfect solution. Not only can it store your Christmas decorations when not in use, but when they are in use, it can make room for all the festive guests that want to come and see them.

3.     Fool those inquisitive kids (and spouses)

Win at the annual game of hiding the Christmas presents and keep the kids guessing on whether or not Santa exists, by using a self-storage unit to keep those prying eyes and secret searchers from “accidentally” stumbling across their presents.

Bikes and bulkier items are difficult to keep secret, and even if you have attic space or a locked garden shed, these are expensive items that damp and cold conditions can quickly remove the new sheen from.

A self-storage unit offers a clean, dry and highly secure environment to keep the presents safe until Santa delivers them.

4.     Set up a wrapping station

Okay, so it’s not the North Pole, and we can’t guarantee a team of elves to help. But a self-storage unit can still function as a fantastic Santa’s workshop that can be set up as a wrapping and present assembly base to help ease the stress on an overburdened household.

And, of course, you will already have most of your presents securely hidden away in your unit anyway. Finally, using a self-storage unit as a Christmas wrapping base leaves you plenty of opportunities to make your excuses to slip away and leave the other half with the job of entertaining old Aunty Fanny.

5.     Keep your home tidy over the festivities

All those extra people, cupboards crammed with food and drink, decorations and presents, all quickly add up, and the result is a completely cluttered house. This isn’t ideal when the kids are running about, and elderly relatives have had a sherry too many.

A self-storage unit allows you the room to place non-essential items out of harm’s reach and leaves you with the rare luxury of a clean and tidy home over the Christmas period.

How does a self-storage unit work?

Now that we have covered a few of the reasons why a self-storage unit can help ease the Christmas burden, let’s have a quick look at what self-storage units offer and how they work.


At U Store It, all our units are accessible during normal business hours, and if you need special access outside these hours, this can be organised in advance.

Clean, dry and secure

All our facilities are meticulously maintained, spotlessly clean and highly secure. This means that your Christmas decorations will be in great condition year after year.

All our storage facilities are protected by layers of security, including CCTV, keypad entry systems, building occupancy logs and the use of your own locks to protect your unit for extra security.

Size of unit

We have various sizes of units available, so whether you need to store a few decorations or a mountain of presents and the contents of a spare room, we have a solution to suit.

At U Store It, we have units that range in size from 20-sq. feet to 1,000sq-ft and each of our units have plenty of height as well with headroom of approximately 10 ft.

Do I need to book it for a long period?

A self-storage unit can be booked for as long or as short a time as you require. So whether you are looking for a short-term solution over the holiday period, or a long-term solution for more permanent storage, then we can help.

Is a self-storage unit expensive?

Most people are surprised by just how cost-effective a self-storage unit can be. Depending on the size of the unit you require, self-storage units can be booked for a few Euros per week.


Ironically, the time of year we call the festive season is also one of the most stressful times of the year.

At U Store It, our storage units can help ease the stress and leave you to get on with doing what the festive season is all about – enjoying yourself!

Why not contact us today, we have facilities throughout Ireland, so we can offer a convenient and cost-effective solution to all your Christmas storage problems.