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The popularity of self-storage is on the up! Every year more and more people and businesses are resorting to self-storage to help them with their storage needs.

Self-storage is not a new industry, so why has the uptake in its use been so dramatic over the past few years? This article looks at the top reasons that have driven the popularity of self-storage upwards.

Why self-storage is so popular

From businesses wanting to cut costs to homeowners wanting to declutter, there are literally dozens of reasons why people use a self-storage unit. But recent changes in the way we live and work has seen demand soar.

In this section, we look at some of the key metrics that lie behind this increase in popularity.

1.    The rise of remote working

The change in the way we work has seen many of us working from home, if not fully, then at last part of the time. Although you can’t use a self-storage unit as an office to work from, many homeworkers are using them for other purposes, including:

  • Clearing clutter from the home to make way for a home office
  • Storing work material or equipment when not in use
  • Keep expensive equipment and work items safe from pets and kids

With remote working here to stay in one form or another, self-storage will likely continue to see growth in this sector.

2.    Businesses can reduce costs using self-storage

The past few years have seen some of the trickiest trading times for many businesses. Now, with soaring inflation and spiralling costs, it is no wonder that firms of all sizes are looking to reduce costs. Self-storage can do this in the following ways:

  • Cost-effective storage – Storage units offer versatile storage that can be sized to exactly match a business’s needs. Also, there are no additional overheads such as business rates, maintenance costs, etc., that are necessary with other storage options.
  • Reduced travel – With fuel costs hitting record highs, businesses are using self-storage to cut down on travel costs by storing goods, tools, stock, and other items closer to where they are needed.
  • Buying in bulk – Savings can be made by increasing the size of orders to qualify for larger discounts. The maximum size of orders is often restrained by the available storage space. Business storage lets businesses take advantage of special offers and bulk discounts by providing them with a cost-effective storage solution.

3.    Self-storage is convenient

The rising popularity of self-storage has seen the number of units rise to cope with the demand. For the consumer, this means that there is very likely a self-storage unit facility within easy distance.

For example, at U Store It, we have six facilities throughout Ireland and one in Belfast, so no matter where you are, there will be a self-storage facility within a practical distance of you. But this isn’t the only convenience. Reputable self-storage companies like U Store It offer customers many conveniences, including:

  • Covered loading bays
  • Package collection service
  • Out-of-hours access if pre-arranged

4.    We have more stuff!

Nowadays, more than ever, people are collecting more belongings as they move through life. Ultimately, this can end up with sheds and attics (and rooms!) overflowing with stuff.

Self-storage units are a perfect solution for decluttering the home of excess belongings. Many people will use self-storage as a temporary solution e.g. to reduce clutter while a home is on the market or for storing seasonal belongings like garden tools and furniture.

Others use home storage permanently as a cost-effective solution to store excess items.

5.    Better self-storage options

Self-storage is improving all the time. At U Store It, we believe that one reason that the popularity of self-storage is soaring is down to providing a fantastic service at an affordable cost.

Amongst the features that we provide to all our self-storage customers are:

  • Comprehensive and multi-layered security protects each of our facilities
  • Storage units of all sizes are available
  • All our facilities are immaculately maintained and spotlessly clean
  • 24-hour, 7 days a week access to your belongings
  • The availability to move to a different sized unit if your storage needs change

Final Thoughts

For sheer convenience and affordability, it is hard to beat self-storage to provide an efficient and easy-to-use answer to storage problems. Increasingly, both businesses and individuals are using self-storage to simplify their lives, business practices, and to help cut costs.

U Store It is Ireland’s leading provider of self-storage solutions. With a focus on delivering fantastic customer service at affordable prices, we can help with any size of storage requirement.

Why not call us today and find out more about how self-storage can help you or your business?