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Self-storage is an excellent option for both individuals and companies who need to store their belongings in a safe and clean environment for as long as necessary, thus gaining more space for day-to-day activities at home or office.

Whatever you need to store, be it your ski gear or office paperwork, there is an available self-storage solution for you.

This adaptability makes self-storage the perfect partner for everyone moving places, reorganising space or just in need of temporary storage for their items.

Countless years of experience in Ireland’s self-storage business have allowed us to identify the main reasons why so many people opt for self-storage.

Here are some of the most common:

Tidying up

There never seems to be enough storage space in our homes. Every little gap is filled with stuff – cabinets, attic, garage, and even the garden shed. Though you don’t want to throw any of your belongings away, you know you need the space for the most regularly used items.

Sometimes we need to declutter our homes and temporarily part ways with some of the things we have accumulated over the years and that are now only collecting dust and filling up our houses.

Getting a self-storage unit will make it easy to have all your belongings safe and declutter your house. Just pack it all up, and with a small trip to a self-storage facility, you can still keep all the stuff you love and don’t want to throw away but also don’t have space for it at home.

Moving house

Going bigger or smaller, buying or selling, and moving to another house has their fair share of difficulties. Not every piece of furniture will be adequate, and some things probably won’t fit in your new space, at least in the meantime. But that doesn’t mean you have to dump or sell your old stuff. Your furniture can be kept safely stored and at an accessible location using a self-storage unit.

And if you are between moves, you can keep everything there while you’re trying to sell your old house or if your new one isn’t ready to move in yet.

Moving in with a partner

Your dream move of merging yours and your loved one’s lives into the same household can often mean less space for each of your own belongings. Double the supply of appliances, decorative items, bed linens, or furniture can be redundant, but keeping them for safe keeping is also a good idea. Make the best of both worlds and preserve all your items for future use in a self-storage unit.

You can also use the extra space in your unit for your hobbies and collectable items that your partner may not be so keen on.

Seasonal items

Christmas trees in the spring. Cooling fans in the winter. Heaters in the summer. None of these items are particularly useful in those situations. Your garage might be full of things you only need once or twice a year, and that space could be of way better use.

Storing them in a storage unit can make space available for your all-season items, and when seasons change, and you need to use any of the seasonal stuff, just get to your storage unit and take what you need for the time you need without sacrificing valuable home space.

Going abroad

If you’re going away for a long time, you may want to lend or rent your home to others, therefore, need to store personal items. Self-storage offers you a safe and secure place for storing your prized possessions at budget-friendly costs until you need them again.

U Store It can also provide moving options or work with a mover of your choice to relocate all your items to the units.

Home renovations

During a major home renovation, the dust, debris, and constant movement of workers in and out of the house can damage furniture, appliances, and objects of sentimental value. That is why many homeowners decide to remove everything from the house and place it in a safe and secure storage unit. It doesn’t matter if the renovation work takes three weeks or three months, with flexible agreements and without any long-term contracts, you can safely store furniture and all of your belongings in a self-storage unit for as long as you need to.

Senior retiring

Upon retirement, having a big home can seem unnecessary. Multiple floors and stairs make it harder to reach every area of the house. Most seniors choose to move to a retirement home or at least downsize to a smaller house or apartment, creating a more manageable living situation. But what to do with a lifetime of precious belongings that don’t fit in the new home?

A self-storage unit can safely maintain those belongings for as long as you desire and are easily accessible by you and your family while preserving them so that future generations can still enjoy their lifelong acquired and cherished possessions.

Business storage

Instead of committing to expensive long-term warehouse leases, many businesses are taking advantage of the flexibility provided by business storage, to store their stock safely.

Office space is expensive, so storing old information and documents can also be problematic. While most of those cabinets are filled with files rarely used, they still need to be kept safely for some time. The solution is getting extra space to store your stock, business documents and spare equipment without going over budget.

These are just 8 of the most common reasons why self-storage units are becoming people’s favourite storage solutions.