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Your business was thriving but suddenly came to a halt. The economy fluctuates as we have seen multiple times throughout the years, and sometimes it isn’t in anyone’s control like recent events have shown us. Though business growth might have been put on hold, now is the time to start planning the post-pandemic recovery.

Commercial real estate isn’t easy to come by or upgrade to in delicate economic times. If your company is looking for some extra storage space, the perfect business partner might be a self-storage unit. In a few easy steps, you can have the space you’re craving for while saving on both convenience and cost.

Here are a few more reasons why your company should make use of a business self-storage unit:

  • Money savings

When planning to lease an office area, space is always the main issue. Maybe it is too big for your business requirements or perhaps not big enough?

Should you go for less space and save money but be left with no room to grow? Or should you choose an office with a warehouse that can fit all you can possibly need but pay a huge amount for it?

No one likes to pay any more than they should, and what many companies are discovering is that booking a self-storage unit that can grow with their business will actually save them money.

Start with a small unit, and when your storage requirements change, you can upgrade your space at any time. This way, you can keep your primary location free of documents, inventory or equipment while still having it accessible whenever you need it.

  • Delivery Acceptance

Everyone is busy at work, and deliveries keep coming in. This stops workflow, demands excessive trips to the warehouse, occupies workers and more… If you have a delivery acceptance service available for your business and can get deliveries shipped directly to a storage unit, this will definitely streamline logistics, letting you keep the focus on your customers while freeing up valuable office space, all in one solution.

And if you opt for a climate-controlled unit, you can be sure that your most sensitive items are safely stored.

  • No more inconvenience

PIN-coded gate access allows businesses to choose the schedule that works best for them. With your personalised pin code, you have unlimited access to your goods during opening hours.

Likewise, wide aisles and driveways allow easy access for big trucks or commercial vans and having trolleys and pallet trucks available makes the loading and unloading easier and more efficient.

Take advantage of your storage space

Costly overheads on real estate can severely hinder your business growth. U Store It can help your business grow steadily without having to worry about the lack of inventory or file storage space. Thanks to business storage, you can store everything from documents to computers or stock, fast, easily and securely, giving your company all the flexibility it needs.

There will always be challenges and crises affecting our businesses. All we can do is adapt, embrace the opportunities, and bounce back stronger.