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Is there anything as stressful as relocating for work? Finding the best property, getting all your belongings safe in transit and making sure the area you’re moving to is suitable for you and your family are just some of the many things you need to consider. Well, this guide is here to help make relocating just that bit less stressful.

Relocation Benefits

Before relocating, it is recommended that you check with your benefits coordinator about relocation services and costs. You do not want to blindly move home without checking if there is any aid your employer can offer.

It is not uncommon for large companies to have relationships with removal companies and therefore be able to provide special financial benefits to you. For example, if you are struggling to sell your current home before the move-out date, there might be a chance of a buyout option. There may also be the option to cover moving expenses and closing costs if you need it. It is imperative that you negotiate this with your employer before moving to a new city or country.

Research The New Area

Research is going to be very important when relocating for work. Once you have decided on moving, you must take the time to research the area, look specifically for community information near your new workplace. Make sure you are aware of what is and is not available to you. That means transport accessibility, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. If you have children, then researching the local school system is essential.

Make sure to get a good feel of the area by planning a few visits, if possible, at different times of the day. Become comfortable there before ultimately deciding on moving. For example, check the commute to work from your possible new home to find the most efficient way to get to and from your workplace. Shop around in the area to compare prices, make sure you are absolutely comfortable, so the move is not too drastic. This will help you check if the living expenses of that area are viable for you and your family before settling on your new home.

Moving Budgets

It is important to set a moving budget to ensure you have enough money to be able to move home swiftly and safely. Within this budget, you must consider your moving costs. If you are moving abroad, make sure you have enough money saved to do so as it will be far more expensive than simply moving to the next city.

Removal Companies

It is essential that you have a good removal company when relocating for work. You are trusting them with your belongings, so be sure to find an insured moving company with a good rating and reputation.

The best thing to do is research, look around at different removal companies and see what they have to offer because not all companies offer the same services. To ensure you get the best value for money, you should compare transport rates between at least 3 different moving companies to get a fair estimate.

Important services to keep an eye out for are storage charges (if the moving van must wait a day for you to close a deal on a property), large-item fees, packing boxes and packing services.

Before settling on a company to use, make sure to ask for a quote from a representative and request a written contract. Do everything by the books. Do not cut corners because the company you choose will be handling all your belongings and the last thing you want is for something to go wrong.

Set A Moving Date

Make sure to find out the amount of time you have between leaving your current position and starting your new one as this will be the ideal time to figure out your new living arrangements: securing your new home, visiting schools etc.

Of course, the current season will play a factor in the ease of travel, so make sure to schedule your moving date accordingly. Moving in the Winter may be more challenging due to adverse weather conditions, for example. To avoid as many challenges as possible, it is recommended that you settle on a moving date and try to stick to it as accurately as possible.

Importance of Self Storage When Relocating For Work

When moving to a new home, not everything goes to plan, and there may be an issue regarding space. This is where self-storage can help. If you have items that you are unable to move into your new home immediately, you can find a self-storage facility as close as possible to your new home and keep your belongings there short-term or even long-term if needed. It’s a solution to keeping your belongings safe whilst you deal with the hassle of the relocation process.

Whilst your items are safely stored in a secure self-storage unit, you can organize your new living arrangements, and then, if necessary, you can recollect your belongings from storage. Depending on the size of the unit, it can keep furniture that is too big for your new property or even boxes of seasonal items.

Relocating For Work With U Store It Self Storage

U Store It can help you no matter the reason for moving. With many years of experience under our belt and friendly, professional staff, we can help you declutter or relocate for work.

Our self-storage facilities can be found all across the country, with units of many differing sizes for your convenience.

We keep all of our compounds secure with CCTV surveillance, smoke detectors and alarms to keep your items safely stored, as well as keeping our units clean and dry. Please give us a call, and we’d be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.