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Who sits the Iron Throne and rules the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros  in Game of Thrones? Well, such is nature of the hit show that it could be anyone from one season to the next. There isn’t a single character safe from being killed off on the HBO produced programme, which is partially filmed in Northern Ireland.

Many nefarious characters have claimed the throne for their own to advance their own wicked intentions, but finally the Iron Throne has been reclaimed by the forces of good…U Store It!

As Ireland’s largest and leading storage provider, U Store It was tasked with safely storing one of the Iron Thrones used  on set for filming of Game of Thrones.

People often store their furniture in our excellent facilities, but we’ve seen nothing quite as remarkable as the Iron Throne!

Here are some famous facts about the famous seat in the Seven Kingdoms:

  • The chair is said to have been made from the swords of the first king’s enemies. A thousand of them, smelted down by dragon fire and then beaten into place by hammers.
  • The chair is intentionally uncomfortable for the king or queen, as some blades radiate from it. The lesson being that no monarch should rule with comfort. and without thought.
  • Queen Elizabeth II inspected the throne on a visit to the set, but famously declined an invitation to sit on the Iron Throne as she “is apparently…not allowed to sit on a foreign throne.”
  • During filming, the actor Charles Dance once gripped one of the sword pommels so hard while delivering a typically intense performance that he snapped off part of the chair.

Are you interested in storing you’re more conventional furniture or other belongings with U Store It? We have world class storage facilities all over Ireland. Get in touch today for a free quote!