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Every homeowner encounters space challenges now and again. From wishing to have a larger closet, to a larger room, to a larger home, it is almost as if the ratio of possessions in a home will always surpass the ratio of space in the home. Here are some challenges encountered by both homeowners and renters;

  1. Cluttered space

Sometimes it seems like there is never enough space to fit in all your stuff. However, a simple solution to this is decluttering. Once in a while, in your free time, you can let go of some clothing, shoes and other materials that are no longer useful to you. No, you are not going to need your debs gown again, so either give it to charity or retail it. Another solution to this problem is to create more space. There is always an extra hidden space that you can find. Wall space, hanging space, and others can be used effectively.

  1. Things stored in random places

The more coordinated your stuff is, the more space you have. Keeping clothes in the kitchen and shoes in the hallway will only serve to reduce the free space available. Start by placing things in order. Get a particular space for a particular set of materials and maintain it.

  1. Ugly organisers

Most people have storage issues because they refuse to get organisers due to the notion that organisers are ugly and likely to distort the room. This does not have to be the case. A simple reconstruction or redesign of your organisers will create space for you, as well as enhance your home décor. You can paint and polish the organisers. Add some new hardware to them and watch them glow. If you simply cannot deal with metal organisers, then a professional can assist in the design of a good looking and functional storage unit.

  1. Weird room shapes

Sometimes the problem is that the shape of the room is too odd. This can limit the amount of materials that can fit into some parts of the room. Where a simple rectangular shaped room would accommodate a lot of stuff in the corners, a spherical, hexagonal or even trapezoidal room will be a problem. Again, the simple solution for this is to get a good designer. By making custom-made furniture and storage units, you would be amazed at the amount of stuff that can fit into some weird shapes.

  1. Unlabelled storage

A good method of organisation is to label everything. By labelling equipment and utensils for more compact storage, finding them becomes easy. When you have unlabelled storage, you waste a lot of time figuring out what is where, and you can end up disorganising the room in a bid to find it.

The secret to more storage space is better organisation. That and using the services of the right self-storage provider. Whatever your requirements in terms of storage space might be, renting a self-storage unit is convenient, accessible, efficient, and affordable.

A good designer knows what to do with the smallest of spaces in order to make things fit in the home. You can channel your inner creativity and make space where there is none. We are all creators, after all!