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We live in troubled times and the easy access to information that many of us enjoy seems to point out a new source of stress in our lives. That’s why we need to create a space where we can gather our bearings and get some rest from the negative things that happen in the rest of the world.

Many people find solace and peace by going away to another place, but this a temporary solution at best. We should be able to feel rested every day, especially if we have a tough time at work. The best place to experience this sensation is our home, and we have a full set of tips you can follow to turn your household into your personal temple, the place where you should be able to shield your senses from negative experiences.

Clean out the House and take the Clutter Away

While this probably reads like obvious advice, it’s also the most useful tip on the list. We never have a clear picture of how much stuff we accumulate in our homes until we take a good look at what we need to get rid of. If you have trouble letting things go, take your time doing this step. Use two boxes, one for the stuff that you no longer have use for and can be discarded and another box for the things that need to be put away and stored elsewhere. Take one item at the time and ask yourself about the real purpose of that item in your home and your life. If you come up with a cliché such as “I might need it later” ask yourself what you would need it for. If you can’t come up with a legitimate answer, throw it away in the first box. Once you’ve collected everything, properly store the one with the items you get a proper answer on your mind and want to keep and decide what to do with the items on the other box: if donate, recycle or sell.

Store the Things You are Not Using

Regardless of the size of your place, there will be a moment when you have more than enough things on it. It may be furniture; it may be clothes; it can also be appliances or even china sets. Try to be as space-conscious as you can; there is a lot of things that you really don’t need at home that can be easily stored away in a self-storage unit. Sort them, pack them and take them away until you need them again. Once you have done so, you can start personalising your home to create a quiet, stress-free retreat.

Reorganise Your Furniture

The basic principles of Feng Shui preach about how the placement of your belongings creates a state of harmony in your mind and bring prosperity. If you want to have a more grounded purpose for these teachings, it’s a fact that you should organise your furniture in a way that helps you navigate on your home without any obstacles in the way, so avoid having furniture that will block your line of sight or the path you walk inside your home.

One way to create a balanced environment is by placing similar pieces of furniture on either side of the room. Also, try to avoid angular furniture with sharp edges and opt for more rounded pieces, like round coffee tables and such.

Put Some Plants across the House

Plants always make any environment more peaceful by default. They reduce stress, and they can make you feel good by improving the quality of the air of the room they are in. Plants also reduce carbon emissions and absorb / reflect outside noise, this way contributing to a quieter life by bringing down any anxiety you might be feeling due to stressful noise pollution.

Try Aromatherapy

There is nothing more pleasant that entering a place that smells great. Your senses feel overwhelmed all at once when you cross a door and are welcomed with fresh aromas that bring you peace and stimulate your senses in positive ways. Think for a moment how you feel when you go to a restaurant that prepares your favourite meal, or when you enter a high-end store. Most of the times these places offer a great vibe because of the way they smell. You can have the same effect in your home by using essential oils, scent candles or incenses of your favourite fragrances.

Play Some Music

This is probably the greatest stress reliever of the list. It’s also one of the best ways to overwhelm your senses and relax your body. Just play your favourite music in the background as you get home at a volume that doesn’t distort it and you will feel rested in no time.

By following these tips, you can attract positive energies and create harmony for you and the people with whom who you share your home with.

Having an organised place can help you a great deal to lead a comfortable and less complicated life even if your responsibilities are challenging. U Store It Self Storage can help with your furniture storage needs as you journey to create a clean and uncluttered, peaceful home.