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We joke about our homes being disaster areas, especially if we have children or pets, but sometimes it isn’t so funny. Our houses can be damaged by severe weather.

Pipes can burst.  We all burn a dinner from time to time, but a real kitchen fire is not a laughing matter. Sometimes we have to endure some short-term disaster in the course of a remodelling project that will leave us with the home of our dreams. For a lot of reasons, sometimes our homes really are disaster areas. On those occasions, renting a personal storage unit can make it much easier to cope.

If you suffer a fire, a burst pipe or damage from severe weather, to get the house cleaned up, you will need to sort through everything and see what is salvageable and what is lost. And you need to keep the items that survived safely from further risk while you see about having repair work done.

Self Storage Protects Your Possessions

If your house is undergoing major works, either to repair damage or to make improvements, it can become a dangerous place for your personal possessions. Depending on the rooms involved and how you use the space in your home, you might be able to simply move things into a safer part of your house. But if that isn’t possible, short term self storage can protect them until the work is finished.

Short term personal storage units come in many sizes. You can find a small space to store artwork and documents or a unit large enough to store most of your furniture. A purpose-built storage centre is designed to keep your belongings safe from theft, fire and other disasters. When you are researching your options, look for a company that allows you to give notice as to when you will vacate the unit rather than signing a contract for a specific amount of time. Repair and remodelling projects rarely happen on schedule!

If you are in Dublin, Waterford, Cork or Belfast, U Store It offers state of the art self storage solutions with a wide range of sizes available.  Our units have comprehensive security measures, and you can access your items at any time. Safe and flexible personal storage can give you great peace of mind when your home really is a disaster area.