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At U Store It we take pride in delivering the most secure self storage facilities possible. However, if you don’t store your contents properly then boxes can topple or mould can grow, amongst other things, causing permanent damage or at least giving you more work to do than you would like when you collect your possessions.

So here are a few packing and safety tips to keep your contents safe, in pristine condition and to make the process of storage and collection as easy as possible.

Self Storage Packing Tips – Boxes

  • Standardise Your Box SizesPoor stacking can cause boxes to topple, so try to choose only one or a small number of sized boxes and stack each size in groups so that they stack properly. You canorder boxes here.
  • Don’t Overfill Or Underfill BoxesUnderfilled boxes will crush while overfilled boxes won’t stack and they are difficult to move and lift. If you do have to underfill any boxes, be sure to stack them at the top of a pile.
  • Get The Right Type Of BoxesPutting heavy items (books, ornaments, bottles) in the wrong types of boxes will cause them to break when being lifted. Order heavy-duty boxes if required.
  • Label Boxes On All Sides (Or At Least Two)The easier it is to see what’s in a box the less you’ll have to fuss with it and move them around and that reduces the risk of breakages. If you do only label one side, be sure to stack the boxes with the label facing outwards.

Self Storage Packing Tips – General

  • Bubble-Wrap Is Your FriendWrap anything and everything breakable in bubble-wrap and place masking tape on the surface of all glass-faced items (picture frames, mirrors, glass doors).
  • Store VerticallySounds obvious, but remember to store flat items, like mirrors and artwork, vertically. Place them between or behind larger items so they don’t slip down or fall.
  • Use Cover SheetsCleaning dust off furniture is a lengthy and annoying process, so avoid it by covering exposed items in dust sheets. Order your dust sheets here.
  • Hide Expensive/Precious ItemsOur storage units and facilities are very secure, but you can never take too many precautions, so place expensive and precious items at the back/behind larger items to ‘hide’ them.
  • Book A Slightly Larger Storage Unit Than You NeedA unit that has boxes piled up floor to ceiling and front to back is simply impossible to work with.
    So when you need to get something out of your storage unit you’ll find a little working room will come in useful. With a larger room stack your boxes and items, leaving some room between ‘aisles’.
  • Deconstruct ItemsBed frames and the like are easier to store and take up less space when deconstructed. Removing lampshades from lamps also helps with packing and stops them getting damaged.

Self Storage Packing Tips – Hygiene

  • Wash/Clean Everything Before You PackGerms and mould can grow amazingly quickly, even in a perfectly dry storage unit. So wash all clothes and clean all surfaces with appropriate cleaning solutions (where possible use a mild bleach solution). This includes sofas, where crumbs and other debris can build up in the cracks and simply fester when left for an extended period.
  • Food/Electrical AppliancesBe sure to thoroughly clean all food appliances (including the fridge/freezer) to avoid mould growth. Leave the fridge/freezer doors open to keep the compartments fresh.
  • No Food PleaseReally obvious, but we do have to occasionally call occupants to tell them that there’s a funky smell coming from their unit. The smell can also permeate clothing and soft furnishings. Even dry food can go mouldy and damage items next to them. Best just to avoid it.
  • Avoid Sealed Plastic BagsStoring anything in sealed plastic bags then it’s easier for mould to grow. Instead use boxes or breathable bags.

Self Storage Packing Tips – Tools/Equipment

  • No Fuels PleaseAny petrol driven equipment should be drained of fuel. Not only is it best for safety but fuel goes stale after some time and so it’s best for the equipment in the long-run.
  • Protect Metal PartsAny exposed metal parts should be rubbed with mineral/machine oils to stop them rusting.