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The internet has revolutionised access to information as well as communication between people and so, it is only natural that internet sales are becoming very popular. But not only companies work with e-commerce, also ordinary people have found this to be a great opportunity to make an extra income.

However, every business needs organisation to be successful. And Self-storage is the ideal partner to give the necessary physical support for any e-commerce operation.

E-commerce is a good business option and a very lucrative way of working.

On the internet, we can find everything, but just as we want quality in the products we buy in physical stores, what we acquire over the internet must also have the same quality pattern.

That is why those who work with sales, need to be organised to be successful and not lose customers. Orders that are sent with error, the exchange of products, damaged, dirty materials among other problems, are situations that cannot happen.

And to overcome this challenge of the lack of space to proper organise stock, the need to keep the products well stored and without any damage, self-storage is the solution.

Everything you intend to sell must be well stored until a buyer comes along.

Self-storage is the right partner for anyone who works with online sales since people can run their business through the home office system while keeping a catalogued and well-organised inventory in a self-storage unit.

There is no danger that merchandise will disappear, be misplaced, be stolen, become dirty, have contact with moisture or heat, be attacked by pests, or any other such disaster. Space is safe, clean, and very well organised so that only the owner has access to the items in his storage unit.

Also, self-storage is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and you have the freedom to enter your space when you need it. That is, you have access whenever you need, without having to worry about opening hours.

You have complete freedom to organise your unit the way you want, and for self-storage to be an efficient and practical alternative, it is necessary to store the products in the right way, to maintain a strategy of organisation that facilitates to find each product that is there.

Also, it is essential to take the necessary precautions for the products not to be damaged while in storage.

Here are some simple tips to put into practice in your storage unit, so that it is always in order and well stocked.

Organizing the stock:

By size

For those who work with pieces that have several sizes, such as clothes or shoes, it is interesting to keep stock classified according to these sizes.

It is also important to keep the sizes in a growing order and each group properly labelled to help the visualization of the pieces and facilitate the work.

By model

Another strategy to organise stock in storage is according to the model. For clothes and shoes, it is possible to integrate the two, size and model.

In the case of other products, such as electronics, for example, organization by model is the best way to find the product in your storage unit.

By brand

When working with more than one brand you should organize each one in a way that they can be separated. So, for example every corner of your space can be dedicated to a different brand of product.

Again, putting identification in the different product groups favours organisation and also helps to identify where each thing is.

An excellent option to navigate within your unit and to know where everything is, is to draw a map of your storage unit interior after defining the space of each product. All it is needed is a simple scheme, just indicating where to find each product group.

This plan is a great solution when more than one person accesses the unit. Having the map in hand, anyone can easily find what they are looking for.

Keep your products organized and safe by opting to stock in a self-storage unit.