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It doesn’t matter if you are upsizing, downsizing, buying your own property, or anything similar — moving house is a big step for anyone. In fact, it is a big undertaking that requires a lot of preparation.

Apart from notifying An Post and updating your mailing address, you’ll have to think about a dozen other things as well. For example, you’ll have to hire some help to get rid of things that you won’t need anymore. Moving home is a perfect chance to declutter and rid yourself of all the belongings that have been collecting dust in your home for years.

But what happens when you have to vacate your old home, but your new home still isn’t ready? Maybe you’re waiting to complete the details of the move or a new lease to start. You might have to sell your old home, find a new one, start a new job, etc. In such cases, a temporary place where you would store all of your belongings would come in handy.

When You’re In-Between Homes, Short-Term Housing Comes to Rescue

Your new property purchase could take from a few days or weeks up to a few months to go through. If you are lucky, your family or friends might welcome you to stay with them while you wait. But if you are moving for work to a new location and you have no friends or family close by, you might need to explore other options.

Luckily, there are various options that you could consider before you start the moving process:

  • You can find short-term housing options in your area.
  • If you only need housing for a week or two, vacation rentals are another great option. These are always fully furnished, which means you won’t lose time and energy packing and unpacking.
  • B&Bs and hotels can also work, especially if you need a place to stay just for a couple of days. Also, some hotels offer a discounted price for extended stays; be sure to ask about that before you check-in.

Once you’ve found a place for yourself and you’re waiting for a set of keys to your new home, it’s time to think about your belongings. Chances are that you won’t have a family member or a friend who has a lot of empty space where you could store all of your things.

Storing Your Belongings — How and Where?

If you haven’t used a self-storage unit before, this is the perfect opportunity to try one out. Our storage units are not only extremely convenient, but they are also a very cost-effective solution. You can book a self-storage unit for as long (or short) as you want, and there are many options regarding the size.

Determining How Much Space You Need

It might be hard to determine how much space you need to store all of your furniture, clothes, etc. Luckily, you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. These storage unit sizes can help you determine which one works best for you:

  • 50 sqft – One Bed Flat
  • 75 sqft – 2 Bed Flat/House
  • 100 sqft – 2-3 Bed Flat/House
  • 125 sqft – 3 Bed House
  • 150 sqft – 2 Bed House & Shed
  • 175 sqft – 4 Bed House
  • 200 sq ft – 5 Bed House

Your Storage Provider — What You Need to Pay Attention to

Once you decide to store your belongings with a third party, you need to make sure that you are satisfied with all the conditions. Your belongings should be safe and secure at all times. Moreover, you should be able to access your items whenever you need to. Lastly, storage options should suit all of your needs.

Here at U Store It, our Self Storage service provides you with the following:

  • Flexible terms, as well as the option to extend your stay, if needed. That is perfect for those who don’t have a pre-set move-in date.
  • A 24-hour security system which includes individually alarmed units. That is vital for keeping your possessions safe at all times.
  • Non-stop and exclusive access to your unit; only you should have the key and the access code to your belongings.
  • A personal and customer-oriented on-site staff which can answer all of your questions.

Moving Your Things into a Unit

When it comes to packing, having a good plan can save you a lot of work and energy. It’s best to start by placing your largest items first: put beds, couches, tables, and appliances in before anything else and place them in the back of the unit. Chances are that you won’t need these items until you move to your new home, so it makes sense to keep them in the back where they won’t get in the way.

Using the same logic, put the items that you might need closer to the unit’s door. Those might be some clothes or documents — something that you are probably going to need before you complete the move. If you have enough space, it’s also smart to leave an aisle in the centre — that will provide easy access to all of your belongings.

Once you store all of your things in a safe place, you can focus on getting into your new home as soon as possible. When the time comes to move into your new home, all of your stored belongings will be ready to be placed in their final destination.