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In case you are considering renovating your house to make it more comfortable, you will first need to carefully estimate all the different costs. But don’t be surprised if you find out that your dream place will require a bigger budget than first expected.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you but instead, appeal to your inner creativity and determination to find a way to plan the renovation while on a budget.

Setting up a renovation plan will allow you to save money on impulsive purchases or unexpected costs. And if you’re up for a bit of DIY action, there are always some smaller tasks for you to tackle which can represent some savings in professional labour costs.

To help you plan your home overhaul and to keep it economical, we can provide you with some top tips on budget house renovations:

Cleaning up and sorting out

When doing a renovation, you should always start by emptying the rooms to give you a blank canvas to begin with. While you’re at it, do a deep clean to get everything looking as good as new and maybe go through each item individually. Some of the stuff will probably be better off in other rooms or even left out completely. This takes no slice of your budget and is a crucial step in your quest for a renovated home.

A fresh paint job

This is a simple one, but it is also one of the biggest game-changers, especially if you’re on a budget. Switching colours or even giving a new fresh coat of the same hue can immediately turn a room around. The use of lighter colours in small rooms can make them seem bigger, and bold colours in certain areas around the house will definitely spring a new life into your home.

Be wise with your spending

Spending money – if you have to do it, you should always focus on the most used spaces and items. As an example, if your bathroom is a space you often use to relax and unwind, it’s only natural for you to want it to have utmost comfort. Therefore, you should consider spending more there and cut on some other spaces you won’t use that often.


You might think you´re not cut out for getting your hands dirty and doing house renovations, but there are simple jobs that everyone can do that don’t require too many skill sets.

Painting and tiling can be a fun and easy job to tackle by yourself or with a little help from friends which can make for a fun weekend and provide significant savings.

How far you choose to go in terms of skill demanding tasks is up to you, but you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Some jobs can be a bit too overwhelming and you will always need help from professionals for certain tasks.

Flea Markets as an alternative

Used, vintage items can be your newly found gold. Sometimes, the correct décor piece like a cool retro lamp or an antique cupboard may just be what you are looking for to give the final touch to your home. In places like flea markets or thrift stores, you can find very interesting vintage items and at really reasonable prices.

Self-storage as an extra space

Now that your renovation is nearly complete, you are probably left to deal with a lot of extra items and furniture pieces.

Even if you have some storage space in your garage or shed, it will become cluttered and difficult to get around with all that stuff, and the last thing you want in your freshly renovated house is a hassle. After all, that’s why you decided to work on it in the first place!

If letting go of your beloved items is not an option, all you need to do is get your own storage unit. Moving all your belongings to self-storage will allow you to keep them safe and at a convenient reach for when you need them again.

You can also move other seldomly used appliances or equipment freeing up space while still having them at a close-by location.