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It’s a well-known fact that renovating your home is a sure way to add value, but before you call in the builders you should take time to consider all options available and the main reasons why you want to renovate:

  1. Are you renovating to add value and then sell?
  2. Are you renovating to add a bigger kitchen?
  3. Are you renovating to add another bedroom?
  4. Are you renovating to live in an open plan house?

There are lots of reasons why families renovate their homes with huge cost differences depending on what it is you are trying to achieve, so having a clear plan is place should be top of your agenda. Set a realistic budget and timeframe as there are lots to consider – builders schedule, painting, decorating, and don’t forget a place to store your furniture and personal effects while the work is being carried out.


Depending on your own DIY skills you may be able to do a lot of the work yourself, however for larger jobs you may need a little help, so outsourcing to a trusted builder is the way to go. Make sure you gather different quotes and references from previous clients, and to check out how much work the firm is currently doing – in other words “when can they get to me?” Always get a written contract to make sure you don’t get caught out at a later stage plus make sure that payments are staged throughout the build with the final 10% held back until the job is complete  and everything is done to your satisfaction.

Return on your Investment

Before you commit to anything it’s a worthwhile contacting a local estate agent to see if you add a kitchen/bedroom or attic conversion what is the likely value to be added to your home, typically an attic conversion will increase the value of your home by 10%. You need to make sure that you get a return on your investment.

Thinking of Selling

If you are planning to sell up when the work is complete then opt for a simple colour palette so potential buyers can put their own stamp on it. Make sure the exterior is spotless, think “kerb appeal”. Things like the driveway and garden are vitally important as these are first thing that a potential buyer will see. Simple things like re-painting the hall door and some nice hanging baskets can make a huge difference to the exterior of a property.

Adding a Kitchen

Depending on the layout of your home a kitchen extension can make the middle of your home a lot darker so you should consider this when at the design stage, a solution can often be found by strategically using glass in new kitchen area, things like Velux windows will flood light into your home. In Ireland, building an extension may require that you get planning permission, speak to your local authority before you get started.

Adding a Bedroom/Attic Conversion

This is a specialist job so you should hire a building contractor with experience in doing attic conversions. The contractor will access the loft area to see whether or not if a conversion is possible, checking to see if there is enough room under the roof’s ridge. Headroom is usually adequate at about 2.3 metres. Above the stair access, at least 2 metres is needed. Adding a roof window is one way to do a loft conversion. If you are install a dormer, an extension of the roof with a window, it can increase space and headroom in the attic. This type of build will require planning permission.

Open plan living

This type of living is becoming ever popular with a great sense of light and space in and open plan living. Clever use of wall colours and strategically placed furniture will create different zones throughout the open plan area and if you use glass sliding doors you can create a seamless view right into your garden, this will further add to the sense of space by bringing the outside area into the home. Things you should consider before opting for open plan living is things like privacy/noise and kitchen smells, however things like sliding partition walls can be installed to divide space when needed.

If you decide to do some renovations this year, one thing is for sure – it will be stressful. U Store It is here to help. We offer a full range of moving and storage services as well as very flexible contracts, so think of us when you’re planning a renovation or if you just need some extra storage space.