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What do falling leaves, chilly winds and crispy smell mean to you? Autumn! The Autumn/winter season is upon us, and there are lots of preparations to be made. Just like with every other season, the Autumn/winter season comes with its uniqueness, leading to various changes.

If you are trying to check in on what you missed in your preparation for this season, then keep reading. We have outlined some important preparatory steps that can save a life here.

  • Rearrange the house

Now, as you probably know, it is going to get really cold in no time. This time, your rearrangement should be first for comfort. There are the new curtains to purchase; there are efficient curtains that can control weather interaction with the buildings, providing warmth in the cold season and allowing air in the hot season. There are the bedspreads, duvets and throw pillows to change; you would need some warm covers at this moment. You might need to get new fabrics that can cushion the incoming cold.

There is also the fireplace that needs restocking; chances are you are going to run low on wood pretty soon, or it’ll be too cold to go for them. Now that you have the chance, get some extra wood. You can add candles and torches for warmth also.

  • Change of wardrobe

You are going to need to exchange the breezy wears for thick, well-covered clothing. But since your closets at home can only hold so much, this is a good chance to declutter them.  Start by carefully going through your summer clothes and pick up the ones you no longer want or need. Give them off for charity or retail sell them and keep your home free from excesses. And for the rest of your summer wardrobe that you do want to maintain, why keep things stored at your house taking up much-needed space when you can be storing those clothes in a secure self-storage space?

Get thick, woollen clothing materials that can shield you and your family from the incoming cold.

  • Deep clean the home

Chances are you are going to be spending a lot of time at home with the family. This is the best time to deep clean the home. The ovens need thorough cleaning as they are going to be used very often. The carpets and rugs and other upholsteries can also be cleaned to eliminate dirt, dust, grime and possibly bacteria. The windows, shelves, cupboard, attics and other forgotten areas need a thorough cleaning. You can’t afford everyone falling ill in this period. Give the home a fresh and aerated feel.

  • Redesign

You are spending time in your home; you need it to look and smell nice. Potpourri will always be a great idea for natural scent so you can either prepare or purchase some. When placed in a bowl, this will create a warm ambience, giving off a wonderful fragrance in your entire home. Also, you can add paints and wallpapers that add vibrancy to the room. Make your home cosy and warm and attractive to guests and yourself.

  • Make sure your drainage is in order

You know that the cold season is the most likely time for pipes to get blocked. Check for leakages and fix them. Inspect the roofs and make sure the gutters are cleaned out. Check the drainage and remove possible obstructions. Check your plumbing equipment and ensure that they are functioning properly, and if not, get professional help. Trust me, you do not want the inconvenience of a faulty plumbing system.

Autumn and winter are fun and famous for love and togetherness. Make it even more awesome by getting your home properly prepared for it.