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A Party Planner or Event Planner a professional that is dedicated to the accomplishment of celebrations and events of various types. Eg: Children’s parties, weddings, product launches/services, shows, corporate events, awards and more.

And if you are thinking that’s just making a few calls to rent a space, hire a buffet and DJ, you are very much mistaken. The work requires a lot of dedication, organisational skills, relationship and negotiation skills, as well as a real desire to turn any event into a unique, special and unforgettable moment.

A good way to start working as a party planner is to first hold events for friends and family. Thus, you gain experience and start knowing suppliers, without having to make significant investments. Also, as the value of the service for people you know will be reduced or even symbolic, the expectations will also not be so high, which will allow you to gradually grow into the profession.

Invest in customisation

Do not forget that every party is an excellent opportunity to make contacts, which can become new business in the future!

Also, when people want to hold an event, they expect everything to have their face (or company). So, focus on getting to know your customer well and strive to turn their expectations into reality. You can even follow a party template that works, but each event needs to have special touches.

Although party planning is something that can easily be done from your home, you still need to have room to store various items – and the more you invest on customisation, the more things you will need!

Here are some examples of what you should have:

  • Furniture and special equipment: Key pieces such as tables, sideboards, chairs, armchairs and coffee tables;
  • Decoration objects: For different themes (children, wedding, corporate …);
  • Items for a buffet: Tablecloths, cloth napkins, decorative trays, bowls, fine cutlery, etc.

A good Party Planner cannot always rent all the items for an event. Otherwise, your margin will be very low! And if you have no place to store all these items in your home, a good alternative is to rent a unit in a Self-Storage facility. Highly cost-effective and with flexible leasing time, it’s also a very safe option, since only you have access to your storage unit.

So, ready to start the party?!