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Every time you come to visit your storage unit, be it for the hundredth time or for the first time, you want to have the help of friendly, helpful staff to assist you in managing your space.

U Store It staff are ready to help you with our usual professionalism, energy and commitment to providing the best customer service. Not only can our team assist you with managing your unit but also advise you the most suitable storage unit characteristics for your specific requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

U Store It’s commitment to customer service has made us the go-to facilities for self-storage in Ireland. With industry-leading practices, our friendly and qualified staff will handle your telephone, online or personal inquiries efficiently with all the information you need.

Any question you wish to see replied, from space availability to rental regulations and rates will be answered in minutes, making it super easy and quick to get any relevant information or a quote for a unit. Even if you are just getting started with self-storage, our team can advise you on how to make the most of your unit, from selecting the appropriate storage unit sizes and features to moving tips, or how to pack your items properly.

And plenty of other things like filling out any needed forms, maintaining your documents (applications, payment records, etc.) and collecting your payments in case you’re paying at the counter, as well as quickly dealing with any issue you might encounter through your self-storage experience.


One key reason for storing your prized belongings in a self-storage unit is keeping them secure under lock and key. We are fully aware of that here at U Store It and consider security a top priority. Our crew makes the most of our property management technology to monitor every square inch of our facilities with cutting edge equipment and can rapidly respond to any unusual occurrence. We also keep account of any and every person that enters our facilities as only those authorised can access the storage units.

Maintenance and Care

Our facilities’ cleanliness is a focal point of our daily processes, and we take great pride in it. Everything gets comprehensive care and attention, starting on our driveways and extending to the offices, restrooms and everything in between. U Store It staff are constantly surveying for any disturbance in general cleanliness and order to ensure the optimum condition of the properties. Our full engagement to maintenance and care aims to assure the customer’s wellbeing, comfort and ease when accessing their storage units.

We invite you to meet U Store It professionals

U Store It’s priority is to provide our customers with great experience and trust when using our self-storage units. When it comes to our staff, we can guarantee you the services of the most helpful and professional team in the industry with years of experience, proper training, and a clean, checked background. We can assure our clients’ total peace of mind, in line with our company’s policy and procedures.