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New Year New Life. January is usually the month of change, of setting priorities and goals. Weight loss, quitting smoking, saving money or setting up a business are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions.

Another extremely popular New Year resolves is to declutter, clean and organise the house.

But it is not enough just to want and make a list; you have to build a strategy to achieve those goals.

Whether you live in a big home or a small apartment, chances are you have items you don’t really use and are just taking up space.

Let’s see, a wardrobe full of clothes, of which you wear only 20 or 30%, the same for drawers, furniture for shoes, and for what purpose? To make it hard for you to find the things that you actually use. To give you a hard time to tidy up and keep everything in order.

Now think about the kitchen cabinets, how many utensils do you have that you never use? But there they are, to occupy your precious kitchen space, hoping to one day become useful.

Not to mention the spare room that often becomes a dumping ground for all sorts of rarely used items or that hallway closet that’s filled to the top and you’re too scared to open and were barely able to get it shut the last time.

Decide what to keep and what to throw away or donate.

Get rid of all the “junk”, that is, keep only what you need and really like. With fewer things, organising is going to be a lot easier.

Keep only essential papers, such as documents and vouchers for bills. If there is some non-essential paper that you want to keep, scan! Also, discard any product and/or food out of date. In addition to taking up space, they can be a health hazard.

While getting rid of trash is easy, a much harder task is to decide what to do with those items that you don’t need around every day but still want to keep. Personal things such as old family albums, family heirlooms, collectibles, antiques, and furniture that you may want to use later down the road, or Seasonal items like winter and summer clothing, Christmas decorations, lawn equipment, sporting gear, boats and camping gear.

While these are items that you don’t use every day (or even every month), they’re belongings to keep for sentimental or personal value.

If you simply can’t bear to get rid of these belongings, then you should consider self-storage instead.

Renting a Home Storage Unit will help you declutter and make your life more practical without having to waste time with the maintenance of things you no longer use and only take up space in your home and your life.

The fact is that in some situations like this one less is definitely more.