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Music festivals call for celebration and entertainment. Jiving to the catchy beats, you let your hair down and lift your spirits up. Whether it is traditional, pop, rock or techno, there’s something for all genre of music lovers.

Most music festivals happen in remote and exotic locations that include camping and other harsh survival techniques which need to be planned for beforehand.

If you are attending a music festival for the first time in your life and are not equipped with a proper survival kit for few days of outdoor recreation, we have the ultimate music festival guide to help you make the most of your outing.

Guide to Festival Packing Essentials:

Food and water: Are you willing to stand in long queues in between your favourite performances just to grab a bottle of water or a plate of food?

If the answer is no, it’s best if you load your bag with ample food and water, enough to keep you going throughout the festival.

Go through the festival rules and regulations beforehand, to make sure bringing your own food is allowed.

Medication:  It is best to be in the safe zone in case an emergency happens. Hence, take sufficient medicines for common issues like headache, indigestion, and fever. Consult your physician and collect the basic medicines from your local pharmacy.

Also, if you have any specific disease or allergy, or are under any medication, don’t forget to pack those as well.

Camping Equipment and essentials:  These essentials range from a tent, sleeping bags, rolling mats to basic stuff like a torch, wet wipes, and bin bags.

Visit any camping shop for the purchase of strong and sturdy tents that provide proper protection and are leakage proof, with enough space for you and your mates to have a good night’s sleep.

Don’t forget your torch and spare batteries just in case. Equally important are wet wipes, they will help you with your overall hygiene throughout the festival.

Clothing: The rain may not be able to dampen your festival spirits, but it can surely leave you wet and soggy from head to toe.

When it comes to music festivals, you cannot just blindly trust the weather forecast. Emergencies may happen at any time and what may seem like perfect weather during the day might be completely ruined by heavy rain and thunderstorm at night. To be better prepared, pack in those wellingtons and raincoats and lots of underwear.

If it’s the sun that’s bothering you, carry enough sunny, light clothes, flip-flops and sunscreen lotion, along with shade, t-shirt, and shorts.

Reasons why Self-storage is a great way to keep everything in top condition

After you’re done with this year’s festivals, you are now left with just one more thing to do – pack everything up and keep them safely tucked away for next year’s festival season.

This is where self-storage comes to the rescue. It not only saves you hours of collecting and sorting things out, but it also reduces further costs by giving you an option to store all the stuff that can be used for future music festivals.

Often, due to the significant number of collectibles and space crunch, we may find it hard to store away these essential items. Self-storage units make this easier by providing domestic storage solutions to keep all of your camping equipment under one roof and in tip-top condition until you need them again.